Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Easter


I find that my brain dumps work better when I just use bullet points for each thought. So here is my Easter edition of the 5 minute brain dump. It is Easter Sunday! Last year for Easter I made these … Continue reading

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Random Thoughts


I have so many random things running through my mind I figure this is the best way to “dump” them all out. I am sorry (not really) that your bracket is busted. Can we please talk about something else? Caffeine … Continue reading

Now That Is Pun-ny

Ernie and Bert Pun

“Puns are the highest form of literature.” – Alfred Hitchcock “Punning is a talent which no man affects to despise but he that is without it.” – Jonathan Swift My favorite pun of all time is: I say it all … Continue reading

#Disneyside @Home Celebration Teen Villain Party


My family never thought that we were “Disney People” until we realized that we were, well, “Disney People”. We have skipped Christmas and taken the family to Disneyland not once but twice. I surprised my daughter with a trip to Disney … Continue reading

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Kidney Stones


Here I am on Sunday night at 21:30 (that is 9:30 pm for all of you civilians) just sitting down to write my Stream of Consciousness Sunday post to link up with All Things Fadra. I get up and take my … Continue reading

3 Ways To Fight A Spring Cold


Growing up my father was active duty in the Army. We moved across the world and back, all before I was 17. We lived in Utah, Iowa, Virginia (twice), Illinois (2 separate locations), Maryland (2 separate locations), Germany, Belgium, and … Continue reading