After our move this summer I had a lot of time on my hands. I have been working full time for the past 8 years and after moving and finding myself unemployed and bored I decided that I would try some typical “SAHM” stuff. I was cooking every night, making beds daily, vacuuming and keeping up on the laundry every day already so I decided to try crafting a little more. I love crafting but when you work full time you just don’t have the time to do it.
Now, if you know me you know that I like to do “projects”. I wouldn’t say crafts and projects are the same thing, but I was trying to make them the same in my head.
I found this wreath idea and went with it. I changed the colors and design a little to suit what I was looking for and so that it would fit in with my decor. It really was easy, and fast to do. (In full disclosure I got bored with it half way through so it took me an extra couple of days to finish since I just didn’t want to go back to it.) I think it came out very cute and I would make another one for another holiday in the future BUT I will never, ever, ever use glitter tulle again. I am still finding it all over my house 3 months later.

Halloween Wreath

October 2013 039

Supplies Needed:

  • Wire wreath – I got mine from Michael’s and it cost under $2.
  • 2-3 colors of tulle. I used black and white. I was going to add gray but I felt that the wreath was full enough without adding another layer. I bought it in 3 inch wide spools. I needed 2 spools per color.
  • Ribbon. I used some ribbon that I already had left over from another project.
  • An ornamental piece. I chose a spider from the dollar store. You could use anything that matches your decor.
  • Time.


  • I cut my tulle into 6 inch strips. I did this while I was watching a movie one night. It took about an hour.
  • Pick your first color, I chose black first. Take one strip and knot it around the most outside ring of the wire frame. Repeat all the way around.
  • Choose your second color and knot the strips all the way around the second circle of the wire.
  • I chose to skip my third color because the wreath was very full already. I switched back to the black tulle and knotted the last layer around the bottom circle of the frame.
  • Choose an ornamental piece. I choose a spider that I got for $1 and I hot glued it to the wreath. I love that it gives it a pop of color.
  • Last take your coordinating ribbon and tie it through the biggest ring on the wreath. I choose to do a knot but a bow would look great too!

October 2013 040

This is  very simple project that my 9 and 11 year old girls could do alone. My only tip: DO NOT use glitter tulle. You will find glitter all over the house forever. I made the mistake of buying black glitter tulle because I thought it would be fun. It is really fun, and messy!

October 2013 042