This Week:

We had a birthday! My oldest turned 16! I know what you are thinking. How can I have a 16-year-old? I don’t know, but I do. He is the best teenager ever(I am sure that I just jinxed myself). He gets straight A’s, does his homework without being asked, doesn’t clean his bathroom regularly, runs track and cross-country, and tortures his siblings on a regular basis. I couldn’t ask for a better kid. He has his driver’s permit and can’t take his test until August. When we asked him what he wants for his birthday he said ‘nothing’. WHAT?!? His reply that he has everything he wants. When asked if he wanted a car his response was, ” we already have three cars so I don’t need one of my own.” Like I said, best teenager ever.

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We also had a choir concert. Sweet Haley tried out and made it into a choir at a local university program for kids. They have been rehearsing for months and had a concert this past week for the parents. They did a great job. She had great directors and the kids in the group were such good little singers. It also takes place in a university in a cute little town in the middle of nowhere. Think Stars Hallow on Gilmore Girls (if you remember that show). She can’t wait to try out again next year.

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Last but not least I made it to Costco this week. Is it sad for me to admit that making it into “town” is the highlight of my week? Who am I kidding, I know it is. (I actually went somewhere even better this week but I will post about that later this week because it deserves a post all to itself!) Living in this little town has been a huge change from what I am used to. I just hope that I can get used to it before we decide to move again.

Anyway, ramble finished.

Costco! I have been obsessed with mason jars since I was little. My mom is and was always a canning fool. We always had jars everywhere during the summer and fall as she caned anything and everything. Of course having grown up with it suffocating our kitchen and dining room space I have never canned a thing in my life and I have no plan to ever can anything. BUT I am still obsessed with the jars. Several year ago, maybe 4 or 5, when the whole family was at my parent’s house for Christmas there were no clean glasses so she came out drinking from a mason jar. We laughed and called it a “Country Christmas”, and “A Redneck Holiday”. Now that EVERYONE is using them for glasses, crafts, decor, and gifts you can find them everywhere.

So here is my Purchase Of The Week. Costco has a set of three for $15.99! Plus they come with six straws because you know my kids are going to lose at least one. The straws are wide so you can do milkshakes in them. And they are DISHWASHER SAFE!!!! What an awesome deal! I saw some of the same brand today at both Target and Michael’s for $10 EACH! These are awesome.

Purchase Of The Week:

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