This Week:

This week was both very quiet and very busy.

Adam had a track meet. He PR’d on the 1600 and the 3200. He has come so far since last year at this time. Really since August when he started really running. I am totally impressed with him. I can’t even run a mile and he goes out there every day and runs three to five of them. He is happy track is ending so that he can get geared up for cross country again. He likes CC so much more than track.

November 2013 075

Haley had volleyball practice and games this week too. This week her team played the best team in the league. The team they played against won 5 out of 5 games last week so her team was scared to go up against them. Haley’s team ended up winning 1 of 5 and they were so proud of themselves. I am happy that she has found a sport where coaches, refs, players, and parents encourage the players no matter what. (You can read here where we tried a sport that was not run the same way.) Even when a girl couldn’t get the ball over the net the whole crowd would clap and she would get pats on the back for trying. This is the kind of team sport that Haley needs.

November, December 2013 018

We had Mother’s Day this week too. I was treated to sleeping in, brunch, and a movie. Followed by a delicious dinner. (You can read about all of that here.) I am a lucky lady to have four great kids who are well-behaved and fun to be around.

November, December 2013 028

We had a big fail this week in our house too. Most of us love taquitos. A love that started when I would put them on the menu at Channing Hall when I worked there. The kids like to have them at least every other week, and sometimes every week. Adam would eat them several times a week if I let him. This week I put them in to cook as usual. When I took them out they looked gross, almost grey in color. When I looked in the oven I saw a piece of what looked like charcoal in the bottom. One night when I was out my husband made pizza roll bite things. Well one of them must have fallen off the tray and it was in the bottom of the oven. It was crispy and had produced soot that covered the taquitos. I refused to eat them and opted to make a whole new batch instead. Here they are. You can see the strip that was touching the pan had not turned a different color. Dinner fail.

May 2014 011

Here is a picture of the pizza bite roll thing. Doesn’t it look like a piece of charcoal?

May 2014 012

And finally this week there was an epic fail. This happened.



I have no words. I am not a fan of the color. But like I told my daughter yesterday, he did it for attention, and he got attention for it. I posted on Facebook that I had lost my crush on him. That might not be entirely true but the blonde is so blonde that it blends in with his forehead. Yikes. I await the day Adam Levine’s dark hair is back.

Purchase Of The Week:

There is no purchase of the week this week because I never went shopping. Sad yet true.

Have a good week!