This Week:

On Thursday night I went to this:

Capital Wheel 077

It was AMAZING! You can read all about it here if you haven’t already. I can’t wait to take my kids.

Remember how I was talking about getting mail and packages last week? And how I love getting them but when they come they always seem to be for work or my husband. Well guess what? Two packages came this week and they were all for me this week! Yea! (I guess you can tell that it doesn’t take much to get me excited.) They both happen to be prizes that I won from other blogger giveaways. I know, right?! I feel like I never win anything and then all of a sudden I win two things!

The first thing that came was a couple of “romantic” books. Not as risque as 50 Shades but lovey-dovey all the same. I’ll read them while sitting by the pool this summer. Quick, easy, fun reads.


The second thing that I won was Brazil Butt Lift from Beachbody. I already have Insanity (that I don’t really use), and 21 Day that I love and have used for a few months now. I like adding something new because I get bored easily so here is my new workout! I don’t think my butt will look like this when I am done, but I am excited to try the videos all the same.


Haley DIDN’T have volleyball games! With it being Memorial Day weekend they had a bi in the schedule for everyone. Awesome. In my mind that meant sleeping in and hanging out all morning but no. I woke up with the sun, literally. The sun woke me up at 5:45 am. We decided that since we were up we would hit the farmer’s market and the grocery store before it got busy and hot. We found some great stuff, mostly at the grocery store. It is still so early for our farmer’s market that they had no fruit or vegetables yet. They did have the breakfast burrito stand but the line was already down the block. Note to self: get there early!

April 2014 212

Seeing as it was Memorial Day weekend we decided to hit the trails and do a big hike on Sunday morning with the kids. We went up through Harper’s Ferry and did the Maryland Heights hike. We originally thought that it was going to be about a two-mile hike but quickly realized that we had miscalculated. It was about 2.5 miles in to the overlook and then back out. So 5 miles isn’t that bad except for the fact that you are walking straight up for the whole first half. Really we all loved the hike and it was totally worth it when you get to the top and see the overlook.  We had gone up early enough to be alone most of the time, but by the time we were headed down the mountain the trails were packed. After the hike we found a place for breakfast and then home to sit outside in the sun. It was a really nice holiday weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend 015

Memorial Day Weekend 003

Purchase Of The Week:

May 2014 003

I can feel a crafting day coming on! Now I just have to decided what I am going to make!

Have a good week!