This Week:

Best. News. Ever. Well, maybe not ever but still. I live in a small town and we don’t have much t get excited about around here so when I heard a new restaurant was opening I needed to check it out. California Tortilla opened on Friday but I went over there on Wednesday to get some dinner and even though they were not open yet the manager let me and Abi come in and get food. They were having a soft opening for employee family members only. Best part, the food was FREE! the food was amazing! Yum! I have already been back once and I plan on going often 🙂

PicMonkey Collage6

On Thursday I drove to BWI to get my brother and his family. They actually came to visit us (well really to visit DC but we were a perk). We got caught in traffic and spent most of the afternoon getting home. We are happy to finally have company.

On Friday my family (minus Adam) headed up to New Jersey to attend The Privateers and Pirates Festival in Tuckerton, NJ. We had a great time. (Look for a full post on this coming out on Sunday.) Adam stayed at home with my brother and his family and went back and forth to DC for some touristy stuff.

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June 2014 071

On Sunday everyone (minus Adam and Jason) went to my church. We saw Edge of Tomorrow. It was good. There were 9 of us and we went to the nice theater and took up most of the top row. After the movie we hit up Wegmans for a fruit tart (YUM!) and some items for dinner. My brother and sis-in-law enjoyed the fruit tart with me since none of the boys in my family like them.

May 2014 072

The rest of the week Sam and his family have been sight-seeing with great weather (no rain outs) while the kids finish school.

Purchase Of The Week

June 2014 021

I bought the girls these small hair brushes to take with them in their travel backpacks. I wanted to find a way to contain their hair ties with the brush because they are so easy to lose. I saw these little carabiners and it came to me. So I bought two and stuck them on the hair brushes and attached the hair ties. It has been a whole week and we haven’t lost any yet!

Have a great week!