Having a husband whose job is in sales, I have spent my fair share of Sunday mornings on the golf course. So many that we decided to put our boys in golf lessons last year before we moved to the east coast. They only had a few weeks of lessons before the move. We got here just in time for school to start, and with school comes busy schedules so I never looked into local golf lessons. Fast forward 9 months and I get an invite to attend an event for bloggers and their kids put on by the PGA and 1757 Golf Club in Ashburn, Va.



First I want to ask, What do you think of when you think of golf? Here are some of the answers I got from kids in my neighborhood:

  • Boring
  • Long
  • Hot
  • For men with collars on their shirts
  • Plaid
  • Clubs
  • Lunch
  • Expensive
  • Boring
  • Old men with cigars
  • Tiger Woods
  • PGA
  • White balls that break windows
  • Daddy telling mommy she is doing it wrong (I laughed out loud at this one)
  • Boring
  • Windmills

*Note* None of these kids have ever been golfing. Obviously some of these kids have watch a bit of television, and definitely have some golf stereotypes that they think about when the word “golf” is brought up, and yes I know boring made the list several times.

1757 Golf Club

We had to meet at the club for a 9 am tee time. Which for us on Sunday (our only day during the week to sleep in) is pretty early. But when I went to get Adam up to get ready he was showered, dressed, and ready to hit the road. I guess someone was excited to hit a bucket of balls. It was a beautiful sunny, not too hot day out. The course looked gorgeous! How could you not want to spend a Sunday morning in such a beautiful place.


We started with introductions and went on a tour of the facility. We saw the gift shop where you check in (30 minutes prior to your tee time), the restaurant/bar for an after game snack or drink, the room where you get sized for your clubs, and so much more.


I had no idea that golf was so hi-tech! They have a place where you can hit the ball and cameras watch from all angles so that you can perfect your stance and swing after seeing what you were doing wrong. It is amazing! Look at this thing! Who knew when going to the golf course you would be using complex math equations to help you have a better game?


 At the end of the tour, the kids to got to hit a bucket of balls with instruction from Mike Aldrich, a PGA Player Development Manager. They had clubs of all sizes to fit each kid (left or right-handed) from ages 5-16. Adam was the oldest and they had to get an adult set out for him since he is well, the size of a grown man. The pro watched him hit a couple and then helped him get his stance and gave him a few pointers as he hit the balls. By the end of the bucket Adam was hitting the balls amazingly well. His biggest problem was that he was “thinking about hitting the ball” too much and needed to just relax and have fun with it. He had a great time and we are looking into the local golf clubs for summer lessons.
When the kids were done hitting balls we all walked back to the clubhouse to say goodbye. Everyone we met was great including Mike with the PGA and Laura Smith from SRS Sterling Restaurant Supply, and 1757 Golf Club for hosting us. All of who donated some great stuff for all of the bloggers to take home.
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