This Week:

This was perhaps the busiest week that we have had since Christmas. First of all, if you remember my brother Sam and his family were here visiting. It was my kid’s last week of school. And Lewis and I were both working full, busy work schedules.

Haley “graduated” from elementary school! 6th grade is in middle school here so they have a little commencement ceremony for the 5th graders that are moving on and up. We are so proud of her. She is a great student that tries hard in her school work and gets mostly A’s. She plays the flute, volleyball and sings beautifully. She is finally taller than I am (which she loves and holds over me on a daily basis).

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We had some of the craziest weather this week. It not only rained, but it poured. It would be sunny and within 1 minute the wind would whip up out of nowhere and the kids playing outside would be drenched. The girls loved to splash and play while it was raining. After 5 or 10 minutes it would suddenly stop and we would have gorgeous rainbows.

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On Thursday we pulled the kids from school (on their last half day) and left for a last-minute trip to New York! On Thursday night we took the kids to Medieval Times in New Jersey. We all had a great time. There is too much to post on my Week In Review so watch for a post all about Medieval Times later this week.

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On Saturday we spent the day in New York City doing the typical touristy things that the kids have never done before. We had a really good time to spite the rain in the morning but again, too much to post in the Week In Review so watch for a post later this week about what to do in NY if you only have one day!

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On Sunday we had a nice quiet Father’s Day for Lewis. We had burgers for lunch and we watched a movie while the kids relaxed from the whirlwind week. It was a nice quiet day, which is what he wanted.

On Tuesday I went to Leesburg, VA to visit a really cool restaurant supply store. This is just a teaser for the store because yet again, too much to tell you in this Week In Review. Let’s just say this place is awesome and you might want to check back for some cool stuff from them in the near future!

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Purchase Of The Week


I bought this awesome tear drop cup and saucer from the restaurant supply this week. I am in love! I can’t wait to sip tea out of these on a cool fall morning!

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Have a great week!