Last Thursday we packed up last-minute and headed up to New York for the weekend with my brother and his family who were here visiting from Utah. We wanted to do something fun for the end of school with the visiting cousins. Before we left Lewis looked around online for something fun to do that was a little out of the ordinary, something none of us had done before. He found Medieval Times online and saw that it was within 20 minutes of our hotel so we decided to try it out. It was a decent price and they had availability for the night that we wanted.

When we first got there we were given the black and white crowns and told that we were routing for the Black and White Knight. We walked in and were able to take a photo with the King, and the Princess before the show. We did buy the photo because it was really good and it is the perfect souvenir from the show. I tend to never have pictures of me when we travel because I am always behind the camera.

We went about an hour before the show to ensure good seating so we knew we would have to wait a while. The girls walked around and shopped a little at the shops and bought black and white flags. After walking around a bit I found the boys waiting on a bench in the back of the hall. This is what I saw when I walked up to the boys:

June 2014 003

Typical teenagers. At one point all four of the boys were on their phones. The girls were having a little bit more fun with the waiting. The girls embraced the excitement and were having a great time.

June 2014 009

June 2014 006

The boys put away their electronic devices once Lewis came and made the wait fun. If you look closely there is still one phone out, but really it didn’t stay out long.

June 2014 011

Once they called us in for dinner I did not see one phone out for the rest of the evening. The kids were entertained by the servers, the horses, and of course the food. The food was really, really good. Sometimes when you go to a dinner show the food is only so-so. Not at this show! We happened to be seated next to a bus driver that brought a group of graduating 8th graders who were sitting across the way from us. He said he has seen this show about 50 times and he always comes in and watches just for the dinner. You can see our menu below, but they also have a vegetarian meal and were very accommodating to the group in front of us that was mad up of a few vegetarians, a couple carnivores, and several vegans.

June 2014 014

Once the show started the kids were hypnotized. We all were. Luckily for us we were going for the Black and White knight. Between the horses, the knights, falcons, swords, races, and everything else the whole crew was completely entertained. And if you have kids of varying ages you know how hard it is to entertain everyone all at once. This show entertained all of the kids aged 8 to 40.

PicMonkey Collage6I don’t want to ruin it but I will say if we ever go back I will not be satisfied to be with any other knight than the Black and White Knight. After the show the knights, king and princess all came out to the lobby and let the kids take pictures with them. The girls and Gabe were thrilled. They just HAD to have their picture taken with the Black and White Knight who they had been routing for the whole night. He was very nice and accommodating with all of his fans.

June 2014 061


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If you ever find yourself in one of these cities and are in need of an evening activity that the whole family will enjoy look them up.
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