This Week:

This week was pretty low-key and really quiet.

Haley had her first volleyball tournament and I was the best and greatest mom ever worst most horrible thoughtless loser mom ever and forgot the camera. I was the only mom without a camera. Luckily they play the final round this weekend so as long as I can remember to take my camera on Saturday we will have some proof! I can redeem myself! Here is an older picture of her serving the ball so you can feel the excitement. I am such a fraud of a mother! I will be better next week!

May 2014 004

On Monday we drove down to Quantico (hoo-wah) (1.5 hours away) and went to the pool with my sis-in-law and mother-in-law. The grown ups did water running and laps while the girls sat quietly and read books in the shade waiting for their time to swim. My sis-in-law is trying to convince me to do a mini Tri with her in August so I wanted to see if I could do the swim. I did the swim in about 15  minutes (after I had done an hour of water running and swimming) and I was spent. The swim for the Tri is in open water so I am very nervous! We will have to see how I do.

I decided to stay the night so that I could take the girls swimming at the pool on Tuesday as well.

Tuesday night I ended up going with Katie from DisneyKatie  (who happens to be my sis-in-law) to a gluten-free and vegan bakery that is being built in DC. It isn’t ready yet (still in major construction) but with her being vegan and gluten-free she is so excited to have a great bakery that she can order cakes and have tasty treats from when she goes into the city. Watch for upcoming posts about this delicious bakery that is going to open this summer.

PicMonkey Collage00

After the bakery we needed dinner so we hit up Chipotle. Unfortunately my daughter doesn’t enjoy that kind of food (WWWHHHHAATTTT????) so we had to walk next door to get her some fast food for her dinner. There was a cow statue in the yard of the fast food restaurant so I decided to give it a kiss. After dinner we went and got my other daughter from her grandma’s house and headed to Katie’s to spend the night. My girls had a great time visiting and playing with her pets. She has 2 cats, a dog, and 2 turtles. They also have a yard full of tiny frogs. The girls would catch them and let them go in the grass.

PicMonkey Collage0And you can sort of see in the pictures that I have blue hair. I love it! But it needs to be redyed already since I washed it at least once a day for about 4 days after I dyed it because we were on vacation in NY. Well after closer examination of the dye container I noticed I was not supposed to wash it for 72 hours after the original dye. Well, at least I know for next time!

Have a great week!