I love setting up my special decor for each holiday. I try not to spend too much money (my husband would argue with me about that) so I like to have some store bought, some homemade, and some re-purposed items when decorating each area of my home.

Halloween Holiday Decor



My mantle is the largest area that I decorate for any holiday (besides the Christmas tree in December). I tend to set up the decorations and then fiddle with them for several weeks before I am happy with the look. Being that we have only been in this house for a little over a year, and all of my holiday decor from my last house doesn’t fit quite right, I have had to tweek what I use and don’t use in this house. (For example the mantle in this house is so skinny that almost nothing fits!) See how everything barely fits? For me decorating this type of area is all about layering, sticking with a color pallet, and adding texture.


Front Hall Table


This is the hall table area right inside the front door. I try to keep it functional and inviting while still being able to decorate for Halloween. I add the little tray for all of the keys, wallets, cell phones, and glasses that we tend to throw down as soon as we enter the house. The I added a couple of candles because who doesn’t love a good smelling entryway. Again, it keeps it inviting.




This is by far the easiest and fastest area to set up. It is also always the last place that I do. Laziness? Maybe. This whole set up cost almost nothing and I use it year after year. I got the spider and web at Target a couple of years ago on clearance after Halloween, and the small spiders came from a $1 store. It adds big impact for less than 5 minutes, and less than $5. My biggest problem is that the cat likes to play with spider’s legs up in the hallway. She hasn’t knocked her off yet, but in the middle of the night she sure tries!


Living Room Buffet


This room is a more formal room. As of right now it only has a few decor pieces, a painting of Paris, and a matching set of antique European buffets that my parents brought back from Europe 20+ years ago. It is open to the front entry way so I like to add some Holiday decorations in this room as well since everyone sees it. It was so simple to add a Skull Wreath, a black lace runner, and a bunch of skulls (that I had that used to go in a large vase) to the candles that I already have sitting on the buffet.


Halloween Tree


This tree was bought (again on clearance) after Halloween a couple of years ago. I bought the little guys on my trip to Thailand, without knowing what I was going to do with them. They sat in a box in my closet for two years before I decided how to use them. Now it is one of my favorite Halloween pieces. I wish I had bought more little guys! If you look closely I have them all attached using little tiny screw hooks and key-chain loops. I finished off the base by adding more of those skulls from the living room.


Family Room


This guy stays caged because he freaks me out. Someone in my house keeps taking him out and moving him around knowing that it scares me every single time that they do but they won’t stop. I live with a bunch of tricksters.


How do you decorate for Halloween?