All Things Fadra is hosting a weekly Stream of Consciousness on Sundays, and I decided that it is just what I need. It only takes 5 minutes and it is just a way to clear the brain. She calls it a brain dump. You write for 5 minutes with no editing and you are done.


Snow Days

I will start by saying that I know every single school district, city and state run things differently, and I fully understand that.

I moved out east from Utah a year and a half ago. I worked in a school for over 7 years when we lived there and in that time we had only one 2-hour delay due to weather. Some mornings we would wake up to a foot of snow and school would not be delayed or closed. My kids had no idea what a “snow day” was until last year.

Last year we had no less than 20 “snow and ice days” along with countless late start days due to weather. At first we loved them. A day with no school where we could sleep in and stay home in our pajamas all day seemed great. That is until you hit day 3 or 4 in the same week and none of the kids have left the house (except for the little girls who went out to play for an hour at a time). They start to feel claustrophobic, grumpy, and irritated. Then when the notes came home from the school district saying that school would be extended at the end of the year by 2 weeks to make up for the days (only 10 snow days were built in) we were no longer loving those carefree sleep in days during January, February, and March. The schools even pushed the high school finals to the last days so that kids would not be able to miss school. That is when I got angry. I understand that they do not have the equipment here to clear the roads quickly and safely enough for school to start at 7 am as usual when we are having bad weather days, but to make me cancel my summer plans by pushing finals week to 2 weeks after school was supposed to end is no bueno. When I asked what we could do they told me that no finals would be given early and that the kids were welcome to take summer classes to make them up if we had previously planned trips.

We were so happy to have snow days when we moved, and now I am ready to give them up to guarantee school will end June 2nd like it is supposed to. Here is to hoping for sunny weather all winter long.

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