This is week 3 of me participating in Stream of Consciousness Sunday with Fadra from All Things Fadra.




noun \aŋ-ˈzī-ə-tē\

: fear or nervousness about what might happen

: a feeling of wanting to do something very much

Do you ever feel anxiety? Are you anxious? Butterflies in the stomach? A knot that feels like it is tied to a 50 pound weight hanging inside? I usually get anxiety when I feel like I can’t control the situation, when I am not sure what is going to happen, or when I have life changes.

I never thought much about it until a few years ago when my pediatrician and I had a major talk about my boys and their anxiety and where it came from. Well it boils down that it comes from me. Did you know that you can pass on things like anxiety to your children when they are born? Well, you can.

I am having major anxiety over some things that are happening right now in my life and I am at the point where I can’t sit still, I have no appetite (in fact my stomach feel sick), and I am not quite sure if I am coming or going most of the time.

I know I need to just relax and take a breath. Everything is fine, in fact it is great. Now just tell my stomach that and I will feel much better.

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