Car shows are for men, right? That is what I always thought. I always had a friend or two who loved to go with their husbands and see the newest and most innovative cars, but I have never been that girl. I never had a “dream car” that I wanted, never had to have the “in” car so I never cared about going to the car show to see the newest cup holder or spoiler design.

Until now.

When I was invited to join SheBuysCars and Chevrolet at the 2015 Washington Auto Show to spend a day with a group of fabulous women influencers from the DC area I was interested to see exactly what I would get out of the car show. To be honest I got a lot more of of the show then I thought that I would!


Q: What is a  car that I never thought I would buy?

A: An electric car.


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Pam Fletcher, the Executive Chief Engineer of Electrification for Chevrolet gave us a great run down for the new Chevy Volt including a tour of all the car’s bells and whistles.

  • State of the art safety: lane keep assist, rear cross traffic alert, and forward safety awareness (basically this all means safety!)
  • Technology: 4G LTE WI-FI, 8 inch color instrument panel, center console display
  • Unique as you want it to be: so many colors, wheels, trims, and interiors for you to choose from

After our learning session we got to run around the car show and check everything out. I really enjoyed this part as I was able to try out different cars to see what I liked. I am really short (5 feet even) so many cars are uncomfortable, and awkward for me to drive. I always have to pull my chair all the way up and sit up against the steering wheel, not comfortable at all.

Here I am learning all about the Chevy Tahoe. This car has my FAVORITE new feature. There is a small console area that you set you phone on and the car charges it for you! No more cords. No more inconvenience. You set it and forget it while it charges.


I am really not into “sports” cars but I thought this little car would be fun to drive. Unfortunately I could not get a picture of just me and my car. (I had a creeper that would just not get out of the picture.) I took 12 photos and this guy was in all of them. I guess he just wanted to make the blog…


The question was asked: What would you do in your new Chevrolet?

This is me saying “Hi!” to all of the moms in the Kiss and Ride line at school. In this picture I am in the Chevy Traverse. It is the exact same car that I really do drive so I felt really comfortable using it for a prop.


And after a long day of looking at new cars I needed a nap. I found a really comfortable spot for a short snooze:


At the end of the day there was a raffle for all of the influencers that attended with SheBuysCars and Chevy. They raffled off 3 Kate Spade purses. And guess what? I won one of the purses! I waited until there was only one left and I sent it all of my vibes out and I won!


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Wrap Up

What did I learn?

  • I learned that there is more to cars than I thought. There is so much science, math, and design to each and every car then you expect.
  • I learned that electric cars have so much more to offer than I ever knew.
  • Car shopping can be fun!

Q: What car would I now consider buying when I need a new car?

A: An electric car.

You can enjoy THE 2015 WASHINGTON AUTO SHOW too! You won’t win a Kate Spade purse but you can find your next car. It is happening JAN. 23 – FEB. 1! It is at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C.

This post is part of a compensated opportunity with All opinions, as always, are my own.