Tomorrow is my birthday. But I don’t care.


Two years ago on my birthday I had one of the best birthdays ever. My AMAZING husband surprised me with a limo and a bunch of my friends for a great night out. We had dinner, went dancing, cruised the town, and got kicked out of a club (long story but it was an amazing night)! I remember all of this. I have about 100 pictures and some great memories. I was in a good place in good place in life. I was happy, lucky, and carefree!

Last year on my birthday I had breakfast with one of my oldest friends that I do not see very often. He was only in town for a day and even though we go years (I mean 10 years) between visits he made the time to visit with me for a couple of hours. Then I saw Godzilla, went to lunch, and picked up a delicious fruit tart at Wegmans. Do you want to know how I remember all of this? Because I read it on Facebook.  I remembered meeting my friend and I thought I went to the movies but really, I had no idea what I did. I did not write anything on the blog, and I don’t think I took any pictures. Last year I was in a bad place. I was unhappy. I had been on the east coast for almost a year. I had made a total of ZERO local friends. I was ad and lonely, and grumpy all of the time.

My birthday is tomorrow. I have moved back to Utah, so I am back around friends. And even though I am in a WAY better place than I was last year at this time I still feel BLAH about my birthday, which is so strange for me because I am the girl that doesn’t just have a birthday but I have a birthday week. I want to celebrate not just myself but my family, my friends, and everyone that I love. I usually want to celebrate all week long with parties, lunches, dancing, dinner, parties, and more.

But it isn’t the same. For some reason I still feel blah about the whole thing. Maybe it is because I am not in my own house yet (living with family). Maybe it is because my birthday is on a Monday night, and Monday nights are not exactly a party in Salt Lake City. Maybe it is because most of my friends are busy with “adult responsibilities”. Maybe it is because my husband is out of town.

I do know that I have a great blog post idea that I am going to work on all day tomorrow. It will be a birthday post to remember. Wish me luck.

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