Don’t you always want to add new decorations each year? I do. I might have a problem.

This year I wanted to update my Fourth of July decorations in my new space. When I went out to look for new items I was not finding exactly what I was looking for the fireplace so I decided to make a couple of new things.

I started with a bunch of burlap squares that I already had and was never quite sure what I wanted to use them for. I cut them into triangles.

May 2014 002

I had some white paint sitting out from another project and I got the idea to paint white stars on the burlap. I cut out a star using some heavy paper that I had sitting out to be recycled.

May 2014 003

I used the paper as a stencil so that the stars would be semi-similar in size. I did not try to be too perfect with thwm as I wanted a home-y look to the fireplace.

May 2014 004

Then I strung them together using burlap twine and hot glue. I am really happy with the finished product. I even made a little one to hang above the fireplace in my red frame (picture below).

For the next project I was having a craft night with my girls while some family was in town. We had a bunch of tulle sitting out so I just started playing around with it. I decided to make a ball to hang from the kitchen light over the table. I gathered about 20 pieces of each color (red, white, and blue) that were about a foot long each.

June 2014 031

I wrapped a scrap piece of red around the middle of the bunch.

June 2014 032

I left a long piece hanging off the middle and just fluffed and fluffed until the tulle looked like I wanted it to look.

June 2014 024

I did not take any good pictures of it so hopefully you can see what it looks like with these. I only wish I had made it about twice as large. Next year I will make a bigger one and hang this one in my girl’s room.

June 2014 025

I did find some things when shopping and I added them to a few things that I already had and put them on my hall table near the front door, and on the side chest in the family room.

June 2014 017

I wrapped some festive ribbon around the candles for some color.

June 2014 016

June 2014 015

Now that we are all set up for Independence Day, I need to start getting my decorations together for the fall!

June 2014 018

June 2014 009

June 2014 014