St Patrick’s Day has always been a fun day for my kids. They usually set a trap before bed and try to catch a leprechaun but they end up catching a couple of gold coins instead. They also wake up in the morning to Lucky Charms with green milk.

This year my daughters decided that they wanted to host a St. Patrick’s Day party for our neighborhood friends. I agreed but really  needed the party to be easy and not time consuming.

St. Patrick’s Day Party


As a working mom, I needed to keep things simple. I decided to only decorate two areas of the house: the family room fireplace area and the eat-in kitchen (which are adjoining) to keep it easy and inexpensive.

For the fireplace area I bought a dark green clover garland at the craft store for $1. I layered some family photos and a candle with shamrock tinsel. It looked very plain to me so I sat down with one of our art totes. I decided to make a banner out of different shades of green scrapbook paper and some ribbon that we had in the box.

St. Patrick's Day Party Fireplace

I made my own template for the flags and the shamrocks are just 3 little hearts cut out of contrasting green paper. I hot glued everything together, and in 30 minutes I had this cute flag banner.

St Patrick's Day Party

Kitchen Table

For the kitchen table, I set 6 places for my girls and their guests. I started with a white tablecloth. Then I layered on green shamrock place-mats that we also from a local craft store (for less than $1 each!). I used green and white plates, cutlery, and napkins.

St. Patricks Day Party

Next, I added some polka-dot napkins so the decor didn’t look too traditional. I wanted it to be fun for the girls. I sprinkled felt shamrocks all over the table for a touch of green. Next to each setting, I added a tiny bowl of rainbow treats, and a tiny matching plate with an angel food muffin and berries on the top. In each bowl of treats and in the muffin I put a St. Patrick’s Day pick.

St. Patricks Day Party 012

Behind the table I placed some helium filled balloons at different heights. And from the light fixture I hung shamrocks at different heights over the table.

St. Patricks Day Party


Menu and Game Idea

For their meal, we served assorted  small sandwiches cut out with a shamrock cookie cutter, and a rainbow fruit platter. Before they ate the girls had a treasure hunt game and found a Pot o’ Gold for the table. They followed a clue to another clue until they found where I had hidden the gold.

St. Patricks Day Party

Just an hour of setup, an hour of party, and 5 minutes of cleanup and I had 6 happy girls! We might just have to make this an annual party!


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