Looking for an easy yet delicious way to lunch in DC? Why not try the food truck options? There are plenty to choose from and they are WAY better tasting than you might think!

Food Trucks In The DC Area

Food trucks can be a delicious, nutritious, fast option when you are looking for lunch in Washington DC. They are readily available and are also easy on the pocketbook. Most of them are parked near or around grassy areas and parks so you can grab a bite and find a comfortable spot for lunch. Here is a run down of some of our favorites.

When my kids were little my dad would take them to dinner and tell them to always start with dessert to make sure that they had room for it something yummy. So that is how I am going to do my list, by starting with dessert.

Sweetz Cheesecake (That Cheesecake Truck)


That Cheesecake truck offers a variety of flavors from plain to lemon drop. They also carry vegan cheesecake slices and Big Dippers. Their cheesecake is in perfectly sized pieces for a treat after lunch or dinner depending upon when you find them. They have something for everyone’s taste. Follow their Twitter @cheesecaketruc to know where they are going to be each day. The best thing about them besides the cheesecake? 10% of all of their monthly proceeds go straight to DC charities. Now you know you need that slice!

Crepes Parfait


Whether you are looking for a dessert or dinner this is your truck. When I was growing up we lived all over the world. I used to stop and get crepes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack time when we lived in Belgium. It is perfect food for any time of day. If you are hungry at lunch you can get a ham or chicken crepes. Ready for dessert? Try the Nutella and banana crepe.  They also have vegetarian and gluten-free options for you. Follow their Twitter @CrepesParfait to know where they are hanging out.



Do you have a pho addiction? I do. Even though there are several Vietnamese food trucks in the DC area my favorite so far has been Phonation. If you are looking for banh mi they are your truck. I first heard of this sandwich when I watched The Great Food Truck Race a few years ago. The food truck on the show made the sandwiches look so good I went out and had to find one.  If you haven’t tried one STOP what you are doing right now and grab your wallet. Between the crusty bread, juicy meat, and crunchy, fresh vegetables you will be in love after the first bite. $9 a sandwich BUT I am able to split one with my friend because they are huge! Follow them on Twitter @DCphonation to find the best sandwich you have ever tasted.

And last but not least, you must have a taco truck on the list!

Far East Taco Grille Truck


If you like taco trucks this is your place. The twist is that they are Asian style tacos. You get 1 for $3 or 3 for $8. You choose a protein, sauce, slaw, and finisher from the list for a personalized taco made just for you. They also have burritos and bowls made the same way of you are into that. I love a good burrito bowl but from Far East I always get the tacos! Delicious and filling, they can’t be beat. Follow them on Twitter @FarEastTG to find out where they will be serving tacos each day.

No matter what you are craving when setting out for a day in DC the local food trucks have what you are looking for. A new website for The Food Truck Association of Metropolitan Washington will go live in about 22 days. Check it out and find all of the local food truck options that you are looking for!  Find it here: http://www.dmvfta.org/

Now all I need is for my friends to come back to town so we can go out and eat!

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