When we were chosen to throw one of the #DisneyKids playdates this year I was thrilled! Last year we did a #Disneyside Villains Party complete with a Hot Chocolate Bar that went over so well with the teens that I knew we could handle a preschool playdate this year. Little did I know that the teens would be a piece of cake next to a bunch of toddlers!

We knew we had to go simple because little ones don’t have a long attention spam (SQUIRREL!!) – and neither do I!

#Disney Kids Preschool Playdate

We did a simple afternoon party with snacks and no meal. This way the kids could come and play and then go home for dinner. With so many allergies, likes and dislikes, and issues that we might run into we thought that it would be easier.

Party Table and Decor

We started off with a red carpet and Mickey welcoming the guests.


Then we had a treat and prize table set up in the house.


We kept the table simple and used red and white and blue as our color theme. We made Disney cupcakes (watch for the recipe soon) and they were delicious! I bought a cute cupcake tower from the $1 store and surrounded it with a white feather boa that I already had from another party. We drank Nesquik – thanks to the amazing #DisneyKids box of wonderful that was delivered.




Does anyone else agree that a party is just not a party without a photobooth? We did a simple backdrop using $1 store tablecloths – 6 of them to be exact. Then layered it with the decorations that we received in our #DisneyKids Playdate box.


It turned out uber cute and the kids loved it… that is some of the kids loved it. We had 4 that would not step foot into the photobooth area. Moms tried bribing with candy, movies, games, and the big kids were brought up from the basement to help, but alas they were SCARED to death. Toddlers… can’t get them to do anything when you need them to 🙂





We played several games and the little ones did great! We played Bingo and use chocolate pieces and we had about 10 Bingo’s all at once!



But the winning game by far was charades. Everyone including the big kids and dads got in on this game! We went through all of the cards more than once!




Goodie Bags

We made little goodie bags because every party needs a take home. They included:

  • string backpacks (provided by Disney)
  • tattoos (provided by Disney)
  • posters (provided by Disney)
  • little toy animals (provided by Disney)
  • candy
  • Disney cards
  • Mickey straws
  • and more!


There was singing. There was dancing. There was laughter. The kids had a great time and we can’t wait to host our next Disney party!