Every summer my sister comes out from LA for a week or two to spend some time with the family.  All of my 6 siblings still live around home but her. So when she’s here, we make up for every second of lost time with her and her darling boys.  There’s always a giant birthday celebration, swimming, hiking, camping, movies, and whatever else we can pack into the time we have together.  One of my favorite, and most epic, family traditions is our Summer Fun Day. With Labor Day around the corner, there’s still plenty of time to have your own Summer Fun Day.

This is a day where adults and kids alike party like there’s no tomorrow.  We change it up a little each year.  Each mom, or dad, will come up with some kind of activity to be in charge of.  Of course there’s always a little healthy competition to come up with the best idea.  Some of the greats from summer fun days past are:

  • Pie eating contest
  • Wipe out course complete with shaving cream slingers
  • Body painting
  • Slip and slide baseball


Summer Fun 2016

This year started out with an H20 Course.  This is an easy one to split up the workload.  Everyone just plans one stop on the course.  We let each kid do a practice run through the course first to get the hang of it.  Then we started timing them for some added competitiveness.  This worked out great for all of the different ages and abilities we were trying to accommodate.  Salt water taffy was the prize for completing with awesomeness.  And everyone was awesome.


Our second game was water balloon battleship.  My brother was the instructor for this game and he did not disappoint.  He has a great way of being encouraging and provoking to the kids simultaneously.  This game included elements of strategy.  It was really fun to watch the kids work out a plan of attack in their own way.


Chill out

After being in the sun all afternoon we usually do popsicles for a treat.  This year, we loaded up all the kids and headed to Fizz, our local specialty soda shop.  This place is amazing, and a HUGE hit with the kids.  If you’re ever in Utah, this place is a must see.  It will forever be the last stop on our summer fun day.


Tips and Tricks

  1. Last year I had the job of filling up about 300 water balloons.  4 hours later I vowed I would NEVER take that job again.  This year we spent a little extra money on the Zuru Bunch O Balloons.  Worth every penny!  I will use these for every water fight until the end of time.DSC_0168
  2. Always bring a little prize for those who help pick up balloon bits.  One ring pop per kid is all it takes to get the yard all cleaned up.