This year our summer fun day was epic.  It was full of laughter, sun, family, and just enough competitive edge to keep things lively.   We tend to over do it a bit, but this year we found just the right balance of activities and planning.  The kids were able to have a ton of fun, and the adults got to enjoy the show and some good grown up conversation.


There were 5 challenges in the course.  Each kid got to have a practice run going at their own pace to see just how the challenges work.  Then we timed them.  There were no winners or losers to this.  The timer just kept things really hopping.  With Labor day just around the corner this is the perfect way enjoy what’s left of the summer heat.


Challenge 1

Army crawl on your belly through the inflatable kiddie pool.  This was a good first stop because there’s no way to be timid about getting wet.  For those kids who have a hard time involving themselves, getting totally wet right off the bat seems to break the ice.


Challenge 2

Take a water balloon from one bucket and try to make a basket into another bucket 5 to 10 feet away.  We had two starting points; one for older kids at a further distance, and one that’s a little closer to the target for younger kids.  If you make a basket, you get a piece of taffy after you finish the course.

balloon toss

Challenge 3

10 push ups in a kiddie pool for older kids.  10 sit ups in a kiddie pool for younger kids.  I love including exercise or some kind of strength training whenever I can sneak it into kid activities.


Challenge 4

Over unders with a row of pool noodles set up on lawn chairs.   For a little extra challenge, an adult sprayed down the kids during this one. If the noodles are knocked off the kid has to put it back in place.  This is a photo op dream come true.  Be sure to have your camera ready.


Challenge 5

Water gun target shooting.  This is super easy to set up, and totally fun for the kids.  Poke a hole in a plastic cup and suspend it on a string between two trees, or poles of some kind.  Have a bucket of water and a squirt gun at one end.  The challenge is to move the cup from one end to the other by squirting it with water.   Watching the kids slow down and take aim was really fun and the look of satisfaction on their faces upon completion was priceless.  I might set this up at my house from time to time when the kids need something to do on those hot summer days.


Let me know what you come up with for your own epic summer fun day.