Water balloon fights are a big favorite at my house.  I don’t think a day has gone by this summer that I haven’t been asked if we can have a water fight.  This game is super fun and encourages the kids to develop some strategy skills.  I love to try to get those gears between their ears turning as often as possible.  You could modify this to an indoor game with balls when you’re stuck indoors, or use snow balls during the winter.


  1. Divide the kids into two teams. At least 5 kids per team is best.  Have the teams line up facing the opposing team with about 20 feet between them.  Closer if you’re playing with younger kids.DSC_0186
  2. Everyone takes a water balloon. Round 1 begins.  The first team gets to throw their balloon at the other team but if you miss, you don’t get another balloon until the game is over.  Then the second team get a turn to throw.  Anyone who got hit with a balloon is out.  After both teams have had a turn to throw the teams move about 5 feet closer to each other.
  3. Round 2 begins.  Anyone who chose not to throw their balloon in the first round can choose to throw it now, or even wait another round until the teams are closer together.  Keep taking turns throwing and moving the teams closer together until one person is left. DSC_0205
  4. The trick with this game is deciding when to throw your balloon.  Do you throw in the beginning while the teams are far apart, or hold on to your balloon for a round or two until your target is much closer.


Watching the kids develop their own strategies is really fun.  I also love seeing them have the self control to choose not to throw their balloon until they have a better chance of hitting their target.    And of course it’s fun to have a free for all at the end with any remaining balloons.DSC_0215

I hope your kids love this as much as mine.