I was looking through a bunch of my old photos from the past coupe of years and noticed a trend when it comes to my girls. My girls like to have their face painted. Whether we are at carnivals, state fairs, school fundraisers, or farmer’s markets they want to use their spending money on face paint. Some of these are very creative and I wish I knew who had done them so that I could have them come to my kid’s parties.

Creative Face Paint

These are so simple yet so cute. They had these done at the Farmer’s Market. It only took about 1 minute each but it stayed on all day and the girl’s felt like princesses!



These were done at a Halloween Carnival at a church. Abi was a princess/ballerina so once she had the spider web added she became a Spider Princess. Haley was a chef/baker and added a small cupcake to match the ones being served at the carnival.

October 2013 016

October 2013 020

Abigail got this done in her Kindergarten class during a Valentine’s Day party. One of the parents brought in a friend to pain their faces.


And this one was done at a school carnival. The face painting was so good at this event that the next year they ended up charging more.


I found some amazing ideas from Daizy Design Facepainting.

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage

I really like how she creates using the whole face. These cute faces really look like E.T and an elephant.

Face paint is such an easy thing to add to a party to take it up a notch. All of the kids have a great time and get to go home with a memory instead of little toys and candy. This would be the perfect addition to the any family party or event!