It’s October! Yea!!!! We love all things Halloween at our house. Here is a quick look back at our kids pumpkins over the past few years.

Halloween Memories

This was Halloween 2007. It may have been the last year that Jason was truly excited about Halloween.

October 2007 082

This is 2008. The year that Haley cried because I told her she had to clean out her own pumpkin guts.

October 2008 022

These are the pumpkins from 2008. Here are Abigail and Haley’s pumpkins:

October 2008 034

And Jason and Adam’s pumpkins:

October 2008 035

Next we have 2011. This is the year that Abigail cried. (Do you see a pattern? Every year we carve pumpkins as a family we have had a crier.)

October 2011 090

She cried because of this photo. She thought that Lewis had actually cut his hand open when in reality he used fake blood to make them think the pumpkin was alive. Can you tell that we are a little “off” in our family? She wouldn’t believe that he was okay until he washed it off and showed her. We left the pumpkin just like that by the way. Just added some more blood to make it a bloody mess with a knife sticking in it.

October 2011 087

2012 was the year of the zombie at our house. Jason’s pumpkin decided to eat my pumpkin.

October 2012 065

Adam’s pumpkin decided that turning into a zombie was not an option. So when he was bit by Jason’s pumpkin, he thought ‘WWRGD” or What would Rick Grimes do? Needless to say the pumpkin ended it before he could turn. I took  A LOT of flack for this one from neighbors and people online saying that I was encouraging sick and twisted behavior in my 14 year old. I just asked all of them what they would do if they were bit by a zombie. Most of them never talked to me again so there you go, I fixed the problem.

October 2012 064

On to 2013. Here is Jason carving his last pumpkin to date. As you can see he is having a great time.

October 2013 031

2014 (last year) brought the year of the painted pumpkin.




Of course I let them carve some too. This may have been our first year without tears.