Last year when we were living on the east coast I decided to be a stay at home mom. At the time I wanted to do all of the things that I thought “stay at home moms” did. Today I am still not sure exactly what I thought “stay at home mom” things were. I just know that the working mom in me had an idea of what a stay at home mom did during the day and like most things, I was wrong.

Anyway during this domestic trial I decided that I was going to start cooking breakfast during the week and not just on weekends. Ha! That lasted about 3 days. None of the kids wanted a real breakfast before leaving for school at 7 am. None of us are big early morning eaters. Plus I didn’t like getting up at 6 am just so that I could cook something that nobody was going to eat. So I stopped. But I came up with some great morning breakfasts that I still make. Now I just make them on the weekends.

Baked Eggs


This is one of my favorite breakfasts. I have it about twice a week. It is the easiest breakfast that I make because it takes almost no time to prep and then you can do other things while it cooks. I have also started having it for lunch with salad.


  • sliced turkey or ham
  • sliced cheese
  • eggs


Place a piece of turkey or ham into cupcake pan. Depending on size, I usually use only half a piece. (It can be done without meat as well.)
Place a quarter piece of cheese on top of the meat. (It can be done without cheese as well.)
Crack an egg on the top of the cheese.
The egg fits perfectly into the muffin tin.
They take 17 – 20 minutes on 325. I like mine a little soft. You need to watch your eggs the first time you bake them, as ovens vary. If you want yours hard-cooked bake for a full 24 minutes.
It’s seriously that easy! The beauty is that you can make the exact amount that you need. I usually make 2 per person and serve them with fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast or with a salad on the side for lunch.