I have LOTS of great fall memories. I decided to grab a few pictures and show you some of my Favorite Fall Memories.

Favorite Fall Memories

Taking Pictures with Witches at Gardener Village

Here is Jason four years in a row with the witch that sits on the bench. It was such a fun thing to do year after year. The last one was the last time that I could get him to do it. If I remember correctly I paid him $10 to come and participate in the picture-taking (he drives a hard bargain, smiles were included in the price). Now that we are across the country I see pictures on social media and I am sad that we are there to enjoy the fun too!


Christmas Card Pictures

Having group pictures of the kids in the fall is something that I did for years. We had the best photographer and she always made it work with them even when they were tired, cranky, or freezing! We don’t have a photographer here so I have not had¬†their pictures taken in a year and a half. I need to find someone local STAT!


Pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch and corn maze has always been a fun fall tradition for our family. The kids always laugh and have a good time. We would go out to dinner afterward before heading home. Always a great time!



We always make good memories on Halloween. The kids picking out their costumes, and trick-or-treating through the neighborhood with friends.