Pura Vida is what the locals say. Costa Rica is known for its beautiful jungles, amazing wildlife and some of the finest beaches in the world. Visitors find themselves surrounded by the friendly locals, perfect coastline, wildlife and delicious food.

We took our first trip to CR in September 2016 and wow, was it amazing. I have consistently said (since being back) that it is the most beautiful place that I have ever been.

Costa Rica Jungle

Here is a partial list of the things that we did and my advice as to if they were worth it.

Where to Visit: Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary


Costa Rica wildlife

Tucked away just off the main street outside of Dominical, lies the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary. Here you will be able to experience a variety of the wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer.The Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and every person that steps through our doors is helping rescue, feed, and care for the animals. The hosts tell you the story of each of the animals, including their name, how they got there, and if they are getting better and when they will be ready to leave.


Costa Rica Sloth

Sloths, monkeys, birds, anteaters, and more. You get to see lots of wildlife and you know your money is going to help them. It is a win-win.

Where to Play: Nauyaca Waterfalls


Costa Rica Waterfall

This way by far my favorite day in Costa Rica. Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal place for nature and adventure lovers, where tourists can walk, swim, climb, jump, take photographs and spend a marvelous day in the warm waters. We took a tour and rode horses (I rode in a truck) down to the falls. They served us breakfast and lunch where we had the most delicious potatoes ever – I still dream about that meal. The brave climbed up with ropes and jumped, while others waded in the pools below. It was a glorious day.


Where to Stay: Rent a House!


house to rent in costa rica

Hello! Can you say VRBO? Why stay in hotels when you can get a 7,000 sq ft house (8 master bedrooms) for just under $3000 for the week? Split that up among a group and you pay $500 a couple for 7 days and nights!


We stayed at the house pictured above. It was gorgeous! The pictures really do not do it justice! not to mention that since it sits 10 minutes from the beach up in the jungle you get visitors like this guy in the trees behind the house:


sloth costa rica

Where to Eat? Everywhere!


We had some of the best meals! We cooked dinner at home each night but went out for lunches during the day. I never had a bad meal at any of the stops we made. One of the favorites was Phat Noodle. No kidding – it was a bus transformed into a kitchen and it was hot and spicy and sooo good.


Beauty, wildlife, beaches, jungle, and great food. When are you going to Visit Costa Rica?