I have a confession. I have a favorite child.

Come on, stop judging me. We all know that we have that one favorite child who has our heart completely and can NEVER do wrong. We don’t want to admit it, but it is true. Unfortunately, for me, all of my kids know it and know who it is.

When people ask my kids who is my favorite unanimously they say, Mojito.


Mojito is an 8 pound pampered, spoiled pup that brings love and happiness to all of us on a daily basis.

So when we start talking about vacations and traveling the first thing I figure out is the plans for the baby – Mojito.

When you start making travel decisions you have to think about what is best for others as well as what is best for you. What do you do with your pets when you travel? Each pet is different – cat, dog, bird, fish. When deciding on if you should take your pet with you when you travel you need to choose what is safest and most comfortable for your pet.


Here are some travel tips for when you decide to take your pet with you on a trip:

  • Pet Crate: Pets like familiarity. If you plan on keeping your pet inside a carrier or crate, purchase the crate at least a month before you travel and allow your pet ample time to get comfortable with their new space. Place him or her in the carrier and provide some treats. Lengthen the time your pet is in the crate or carrier until your pet seems at ease in its new space.
  • Flying: Make sure you find out the requirements for your dog prior to booking your flight. Larger pets will need to fly in a crate in the cargo, and smaller animals that fit into a carrier can fly in the plane. Just know that if it is too cold or too hot most airlines will not put animals in the cargo area.
  • Car Travel: It is important to think about your pet’s safety while in your car. If you want it to sit on the seat, look into getting a pet seat belt. It allows your pet to move around, but provides restraint in the case of an accident. If you have an SUV, you can buy a gate that keeps your pet from jumping from the back cargo area to the front.
  • Feeding While Traveling: It is very easy for your dog or cat to become sick during travel. Providing time for food to digest lessens the chances of your pet becoming ill. Check with your vet about what you can give your pet while traveling. Remember they get dehydrated too!
  • Pet Friendly Hotel: Make sure that you book a pet friendly hotel when traveling. Leaving your cat or dog in the car overnight is NOT allowed. Also if you have plans during the day make sure that you can either take your pet or that they can stay alone at the hotel. A lot of pet friendly hotels will not allow pets to be left in the room alone. You might consider looking into a nearby doggie day care facility. They are usually open early in the morning until late in the evening, so your pup can play all day.
  • Make Your Pet Comfortable: Bring his/her dishes, blankets, toys and other items from your home to create comfort for your pet. You bring your own pillow to hotels, don’t you think that they will want feel safe and comfortable too?


Sometimes the pets are the last ones that we plan for when we make vacation plans and that needs to change. If you consider them a part of the family they need to be included in the planning of trips. Don’t wait for the last minute to decided where your smallest loves will be staying and playing while you vacation.