Homemade Valentine cards were not a thing when I was growing up. I remember being in 5th grade and sitting down at the table with my box of Valentine’s Day cards. It was such a struggle trying to pick which card to give to each of the kids – specifically the boys – in my class. If it was too lovey dovey then they would think that I LIKED them – EEEEWWWWW!

And on the flip side which one do I pick to give to the boy of my dreams. His name was Andy and he asked me to be his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day that year and I screamed NO WAY and ran – my BFF liked him too so no way was I going to say yes. He ended up sticking a pretzel in his nose later that day anyway so somehow even the 11 year old me knew that I had dodged a big one by saying no that day.

Valentines have come a long way since the little box with 25 cards and a piece of candy to tape to the card. I have gone the shortcut way (my favorite) and bought cards while other years I have gone the long-cut (yet fun) way by making my kids cards for their classes. Here are some of my favorite homemade cards that I have seen around so far this year.


Hopefully at least one of these give you some inspiration to make or have your kids make their valentines this year. My girls are each doing one of the following:

7 Easy Homemade Valentine Cards

1.Owl Be Your Homemade Valentine

valentine card

2. You Rule Homemade Valentine

valentine's day card

3. “Write” To The Point

homemade valentine

4. Color My World Valentines

homemade card

5. Awesome Sauce Valentine

valentine treat

6. You Make My Heart ‘POP’

valentine day card

7. ‘Doh’ You Want To Be My Valentine

valentine's Day homemade card