My husband and I have an agreement that Valentine’s Day is the dumbest holiday concocted by the devils at the greeting card companies. Now don’t take me for a Scrooge of love.  And don’t think for one second I don’t like presents. We just like to celebrate our love in our own way.  We try to find ways to spend time together that really express our feelings.  Presents are nice, but a real expression of our feelings for each other means so much more.  

Valentine’s Day Dinner

I LOVE going out to eat about 364 days out of the year.  But not on Valentine’s Day. Restaurants are always super crowded which means slow service and less than awesome food.  I prefer an alternative dinner date.  Cooking dinner is sometimes a chore, but with a little planning and a glass or two of wine it is transformed into a fun date night activity. Make a menu that includes foods with aphrodisiac qualities like: chocolate (like you needed to be told to eat chocolate), avocados, chili peppers, or oysters.  This delicious Strawberry Shortcake would make a great end to your meal. And make extra whipped cream.


Valentine's Day shortcake

Valentine’s Day Activities

Valentine’s Day activities don’t have to be expensive and elaborate.  It’s important to connect with your spouse/partner.  Activities that encourage communication and interaction will bring you closer than sitting and watching a screen.  My favorite dates with my husband have been, for the most part, free. Here’s a list of some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Try to think of things that engage you and your lover’s interests and passions.

  • Go for a stroll and have a picnic
  • Swimming (swimsuits optional)
  • Skating
  • Long drive
  • Play mini golf
  • One on one basketball game
  • Take a walk in the park
  • Walk on the beach
  • Hike
  • Take your dog for a walk together
  • Overnight camp out
  • Write love notes
  • Relax on your patio together
  • Brewery or winery tour
  • Couples bubble bath
  • Back rub
  • Eat dessert
  • Cuddle by the fire

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day notes

They say you can’t buy love.  If that’s true, why do we bother buying valentine’s day gifts?  This is the perfect occasion to execute some creativity on how you can show your love what they mean to you.  My favorite gifts require some beforehand thought.  Here are a few ideas of things you can give that really say, “I love you.”

  • Write a letter expressing your feelings for your sweetheart.
  • Create a Valentine’s Day card – maybe include some fun photos
  • Leave sticky notes of love and gratitude around the house for your sweetie to find
  • Make a playlist – try to make a statement with the songs you choose
  • Flavored massage oil
  • Homemade certificates 



Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, make it an expression of the love you and your sweetheart share.  The best things in life truly are free.