Paint Night – a modern girl’s story…

paint night

Once upon a time there was a lady that always had too much on her “to do” list, and never enough on her “done” list.  She felt that everything in her life was 1st in order of importance.

  • Being a good wife, supportive and loving to her husband 
  • Being a good mom, empathetic and loving with a consistently infallible discipline system
  • Clean house
  • Nutritious meals
  • Volunteer at school, church, and community
  • Career
  • Walk the dog
  • Exercise

The list goes on and on.

You might imagine, she felt overwhelmed at times.  At those times she could be a bit crabby.  Alright, she could be downright scary… really scary.  What was she to do? And then through the midst of incessant technological mumbo jumbo the answer found it’s way to her via Facebook Messenger… a girls paint night.  

Now that is just the glass slipper this lady needed to help her behave like a princess again.

Paint Night

paint night group happy

Who needs to go to a Ball when you can be whisked away by the magic of a girls night.  It is a place of no judgement, delightful sarcasm, and supporting love. Her three best gals have been by her side through thick and thin.  When she is a scary ogre, they (aided by a cocktail) can always morph her back into the pretty princess she is deep down inside.  

paint night canvas

The girls night suggested and unanimously agreed upon was a paint night at a cute little pub.  

paint night crazy eyes

After a bite to eat and some much needed catching up, it was time to paint.  The creativity began to flow like wine, as did the wine. She felt apprehensive at first, not being confident in her artistic skills.  The instructors were so helpful and encouraging as they waved their paint brushes like a magic wand, the lady felt here courage begin to grow within her.  

paint night Holly

By the end of the night, the empty canvas had changed into something beautiful.  The lady, in like manner, had changed.  The ogre had been laid to rest and she was once again, a princess. Friendship was renewed and strengthened.  The lady, now a princess, felt ready to take on her “to do” list.  And she knew that should the ogre rear it’s ugly head again, her best gals would be there ready to take it on in defense of the princess.  

paint night group