With my next trip planned and booked to Universal Orlando Resort all I can think about is Harry Potter. Over the past week

  • I made these floating candles
  • I watched all 8 of the movies (for the 50th time)
  • Started rereading the books
  • Decided that it is my personal job to try all of the Butterbeer recipes on the web.

Wait, you don’t know what Butterbeer is? Well it is the best I tell you the best! Some say that it tastes like cream soda with butterscotch flavored cream. I personally have never enjoyed cream soda or butterscotch flavors. But – I LOVE Butterbeer. Don’t worry just because it is called ButterBEER doesn’t mean that it has beer in it. The drink at Universal is 100% family friendly 🙂

butterbeer recipes

Here is an amazing list of the very best 21 Butterbeer recipes that are out there. A collection that includes smoothies, hot and frozen versions, alcoholic and virgin drinks, and even a skinny recipe for those that want less calories.

  1. Butterbeer by Recipes Revamped
  2. Almost Like Butterbeer by Dine & Dish
  3. Skinny Hogwarts Butterbeer by skinny girl standard
  4. Hot Butterbeer by Gathering Joy
  5. Healthy Butterbeer Smoothie by BREN DID
  6. Bourbon Butterbeer by Half Baked Harvest
  7. Butterbeer Hot Chocolate by Bakingdom
  8. Homemade Butterbeer Float by The Cottage Market
  9. The Best Hot Butterbeer Recipe by Gathering Joy
  10. 5-Ingredient Non-Alcoholic Butterbeer by Love is in my tummy
  11. Frozen Butterbeer by NoBIGGIE
  12. Warm Butterbeer by Holly’s Cheat Day
  13. Best Butterbeer Recipe Ever by Princess Pinky Girl
  14. ButterBeer From Harry Potter (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic) by Intoxicology
  15. Hot and Creamy Butterbeer by Spoon Fork Bacon
  16. Marshmallow Butterbeer Latte by My Food Story
  17. Harry Potter Hard Butterbeer by Recipes that CROCK!
  18. Harry Potter Butterbeer by Feast of Starlight
  19. Accio Butterbeer by tasteaholics
  20. Simple Butterbeer Recipe by Is Not A Mango
  21. Rum Butterbeer by Peas in a blog

PLUS a bonus version – fudge! Here is my FAVORITE Butterbeer fudge recipe in a video tutorial! Thanks to Ashlee Marie for sharing it with us!

Butterbeer Fudge – Video Tutorial

Let us know which Butterbeer recipes you try by tagging us with #whensmyvacation on your social posts! When is your next Harry Potter trip planned?