We all use a pillow right? Most people underestimate how important sleeping is. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping so why not have the right tools for the job? And your most important tool is…. the pillow.  So let’s talk about how to pick that perfect pillow.  There are many variables such as size, softness, filling and your sleeping position to consider when choosing your pillow.

Pillow Sizes

  • Standard – 20” x 26”
  • Queen – 20” x 30”
  • King – 20” x 36”
  • Euro – 26” x 26”
  • Body – 20″ x 48″ and 20″ x 54″

Pillow Fill Type

  • Down – lightweight, luxurious  and soft as a cloud.  Breathable, conforms to your head and neck and lasts years.
  • Down/Feather mix – more econimical than down but providing more firmness and excellent support
  • Down Alternative – synthetic or natural fibers mimic the luxurious of down. Perfect if you suffer from allergies.
  • Synthetic Fill – hypoallergenic and typically will give you gentle support of your head and neck.
  • Memory Foam – dense, sponge-like material that contours to your head.  Firm pillow.
  • Buckwheat Hulls – firm yet highly malleable and breathable. Popular throughout Asia.
  • Feather – Don’t last long, sleep flatter and contain quills that may poke you.
  • Polyester – Inexpensive and easy to clean. Do not breathe well and comes in various levels of firmness.
  • Microbead – Extra small pellets that are almost perfectly uniform.  Easily shaped and and gives good support.

Sleeping Positions

The position you sleep in has a huge impact on what type of pillow you should use.  Your sleeping position and pillow should work together to give you proper support for your neck, back and spine.  You need a pillow that gives you enough support to keep your head from collapsing and keeping your spine in a neutral position and not bent out of alignment.

  • Stomach Sleeping  –  The most difficult way to sleep to maintain proper spinal position.  You will want a very thin pillow with minimal fill.
  • Back Sleeping  – You will want to go with a firm, high loft pillow to get that spine alignment that is required for a comfortable night’s sleep.  Best options here are down alternative and memory foam. Buckwheat is also a favorite of back sleepers.
  • Side Sleeping – The most common position.  Usually a firm or extra firm pillow will do the trick.  A 2015 study shows the most comfortable height is about 4 inches off the mattress. A traditional or contoured memory foam or latex pillow is your best bet as polyester or down will flatten quickly over time.

I hope this information helps you figure out your perfect pillow and helps you get that great night of sleep that you deserve.