I think that we have established that we all like to travel. I mean, would you be visiting a travel/food blog if you didn’t? So what’s the biggest problem with travel? Price. We always have a LONG list of places that we want to visit but not necessarily the money to fund the trips to those places. That is where this list comes in. The WEF (World Economic Forum) released it’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report this last week. And guess what? They did all of the work to find us the best places to visit at the best prices. Here are 6 of the top inexpensive vacation spots just in time for you to make summer and fall plans.

The WEF report takes into consideration a huge list of items including:

  • safety
  • cultural resources
  • health
  • country infrastructure
  • and more

inexpensive vacation spots

Check out 6 of the best inexpensive vacation spots to get the best bang for your buck. You need to add all of these to your travel list now!

Inexpensive Vacation Spots


inexpensive vacation spots

Besides the history that goes back more than 2000 years (including Persepolis or “City of Persians” – this ancient city dates back over 2,500 years and might be one of the most unique sites that you ever see), there are the mosques, the citadels, cathedrals, gardens, and beautiful sunsets.



inexpensive vacation spots

Hello. They have pyramids. And how about the feeling of the wind in your face while you sail the Nile? Searching for treasures at the bazaar, or enjoying a water sports lover’s paradise at the beach? These are both perfect days that you can spend while visiting Egypt. Not to mention the luxury amenities.


inexpensive vacation spots

Indonesia is home to countless beautiful beaches, amazing luxury resorts, and extremely diverse food options. Not to mention it is home to the world’s five largest lizards… yea, I could skip seeing that too.


inexpensive vacation spots

Never heard of Bhutan? Maybe you read a little paragraph in Geography class when you were a senior in high school? Well then you are missing out. Bhutan is the perfect stop for someone looking to wander, hike, walk, and explore without a lot of others around. Looking for a quiet vacation of solitude and reflection. This might be your best location for an internal evaluation in one of the most beautiful places on earth.


inexpensive vacation spots

Have you ever had Indian food? You may have tried a couple of places in your town but in India the food is as diverse as the people. Every dish is different depending upon where you are. East to west the diverse way of cooking and blending tastes and textures will be new each time. Plus there are mountains, jungles, and lots of history to explore while you eat your way across the county.


inexpensive vacation spots

Backpackers dream. Starting with the unforgettable food options, and untouched wilderness Laos has so much to offer. Looking for rest and relaxation? Look no further. Take advantage of the laid back vibe and relax on a beach for the day or just read a book while lounging by the pool. The Lao people are never in a rush and will help you gain the laid back vibe that you are looking for.

Make sure and check out the full WEF (World Economic Forum) list to see all of the spots that they laid out to visit on a budget.