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Do you hear it? Have you heard it already this summer? The dreaded, awful chant that every kid has to use at least once weekly during the summer. You know the one that I am talking about. The one that grates on your nerves and pings your eardrums and makes you want to scream? Yes. You know the one. It goes – I’M BORED! One solution that I keep on hand – water guns.

water guns

Mom, I’m Bored

Have you ever gotten what you wished for and then thought to yourself… “now, why did I want this”? I’ve always wanted to have THAT house in the neighborhood where the kids tend to congregate. Where it’s always filled with noise, laughter, games, snacks, chaos, and kids. I like knowing they are safe and have somewhere to go where all are loved and welcomed. Well, my wish came true… I have THAT house.  In all honesty, most of the time, I really love having all the kids and crazy chaos that comes along with them. There are times though… there are times when I must ask myself, “Why did I want this?”. At those times, water guns… lots of water guns are the ace up my sleeve.

water guns

I refuse to allow my kid’s brains to turn to zombie mush from staring into screens all summer long. I do allow some screen time everyday, but it’s limited. Also, I refuse to entertain my little darlings every time I hear the chant, “I’m bored”.  There was a study I read that said it’s good for kids to be bored. It encourages problem solving and creativity. Makes sense. I’m not going to solve the problem of boredom for them, but I will provide some tools that help them entertain themselves. Enter… water guns.  I love any kind of activity that encourages them to be outside, social, and creative.  

water guns

Water Gun Fun

Thanks to the good people at TidalStorm Water Blasters we were able to try out several new water guns and they have been a HUGE hit! We took them to the lake and had a blast. The kids had water fight after water fight, and I was actually able to get in some adult conversation with the other moms. Hurrah! My very favorite, though, is a good ol’ backyard water fight. I fill up the kiddie pool for reloading of guns, turn on the sprinklers, and let the fun begin.  It’s a great activity for the kids if I need them occupied while I get work done in the house.  Or I can enjoy a nice iced coffee on the porch while being steeped in the sounds of children’s laughter.  

This summer water guns might have one up on chocolate. If I always have water guns and Popsicles on hand I might just survive this summer. Check out some more fun ways to spend a summer day! 

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