Have you been paying attention all week? If you have then you would have seen the Homemade Pizza Dough and the Homemade Pizza Sauce posts that we did. Finally we come to the end product! This is what you have been waiting for – Homemade Smoked Pizza!

A little backstory because what is a recipe without a backstory – right? In January I decided last minute to go to a blogging conference in Salt Lake City with a few of my Influencer friends. It was sort of a last minute plan but I wanted to hang with my people. The conference was fun – we stayed up late, ate chocolate, learned a LOT about Pinterest, took a kick-a photography course, and had my car broken into – yeah, that part was less than awesome but that is another story.

By the last night I was so ready to go. Alas there was still a dinner after which all of the prizes were being raffled off. Kicker was you had to be present to win the raffles. Once dinner was over we still had over an hour to wait for the raffle. I sat there for 45 minutes trying to convince my group to just leave because “no way in hell are any of us winning”. Just as everyone agreed to leave they decide to start calling winners early. They called about 25 winners and one of my friends actually won a gift card! Then it was time for the 2 grand prize winners. They call some gal and I am like – LET’S GO! And as we are collecting our stuff to get the heck out of Dodge they call…

My Name.

What? Did they just – yes they did! I ran up to the front and hugged my prize which happened to be a brand spanking new giant Camp Chef Smoker worth over $1000. Yup. I had almost ran walked away from the best raffle item of the night.

Smoking takes a bit of time but it adds SO MUCH flavor. I have a hard time cooking any other way when it is nice outside. We have been using it for most weekend meals. Now I just need to start posting the recipes.

If you have never smoked anything but are looking to try this is one of the easiest things that we have done. We let the kids take the lead and dinner came out amazing. The smoker just adds the right amount of flavor to everything.

Homemade Smoked Pizza

Homemade Smoked Pizza

This smoked pizza will take your boring Friday night standard and change it into something that you WANT to eat again.

  • 1 dough ball
  • 1 half of a batch of pizza sauce
  1. Get a pizza pan and spray lightly with a cooking spray.

  2. Grab your dough ball and start kneading it. Shape the ball to fit into the pizza pan.

  3. Add your sauce. I like light sauce and my kids like a lot of sauce. One of the perks of making your own pizza - make it the way YOU like it.

  4. Top with whatever you have on hand. Cheese, meats, veggies, pineapple - whatever you like.

  5. Place in your smoker that is heated to 450 degrees (you can also use the oven if you don't have a smoker).

  6. Cook for 10 minutes TOTAL. 

  7. You want to rotate 1/3 of the way after 3 minutes.

  8. Then rotate 1/3 of the way after another 3 minutes.

  9. And once more after 3 minutes. It will end up in the exact same place as when you started for the final minute.

After making some “traditional” pizzas we took a tip from my good pal Homer Simpson. We tried something new and deliciously flavorful.

Meaty Garlic Fries Smoked Pizza. Check out the recipe next week!

Homemade Smoked Pizza

What toppings do you have to have on your pizza?