Happy November! Everyone knows that I am a big fan of summer and with the weather changing and getting cooler I start to hibernate and spend a lot more time inside. Now, don’t get me wrong – I like the fall (changing leaves, sweaters, fireplace, delicious comfort food etc.) but I don’t like to be cold. So here we are with Halloween over and Thanksgiving just a few days away. I find myself focusing on creating things like pumpkin pie, biscuits, and turkey to set out on my Thanksgiving table.  I love making my home feel cozy and festive for Thanksgiving. So many people skip the fun and delight of Thanksgiving but I try to focus (even for a week or two) on the things that we are thankful for before the next holiday comes. Each year I create a new Thanksgiving Tablescape as a base for the feast!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Stylish and Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape

Coming up with new ways to decorate my table for our Thanksgiving feast is always a treat. I don’t like to buy new dishes and decor each year so I like to reuse and recycle items that I have on hand to create a festive atmosphere for my family. This year I wanted to go with something that is easy to put together without feeling fussy.

If you are looking for items to use in your tablescape just look around the house. What do you have set aside in the “holiday” bins that would work? Look for creams, whites, silvers, golds, reds, oranges, cranberry, greens, and browns! You can do a mono-chromatic look or mix like I did.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

What To Use

I started with the linens and decided on using a basic table cloth in my cupboard topped with a table runner that I have not used in years. The table runner added not only color but dimension and texture to the base of the table. I started with a plain base and layered on a runner with great oranges and reds for a pop of color.

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Several years ago during an after holiday sale (I think – I can’t really remember) I bought a bunch of chargers that I knew I would use for Sunday dinners when the family came to visit. Um, no – that never happened. BUT they were perfect for this year’s tablescape! Speaking of using what I already have – this year by grabbing some “wedding china” that never comes out of the box I had nice dishware for our table.

Next, I went through my fall decor. I pulled out the small items that would work for a rustic yet stylish look. I had collected many things over the years (none of which I am currently using for decorating):

  • vase filler acorns
  • glittery fall leaves
  • decorative balls made out of natural elements (wood and yarn)
  • branches of berries
  • and a green wheat bundle

I sprinkled the items across the table and – done! It only took about 5 minutes to set and the finishing look is exactly what I am looking for. Easy and stylish.

Now that I have the decorating all taken care of, I can focus on the food! What are you serving this year? Traditional food or something special? Do you have any fun cocktails/mocktails planned? My plan is to do all of my sides using the instant pot. This will help free up the oven for the main course and desserts!

Thanksgiving Tablescape