Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

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With everything in the news about viruses and with colds and flu running rampant at my kid’s schools I wanted to share some tried and true tips to staying healthy while traveling going into this busy summer travel season. I know that I hate being sick and luckily thanks to my OCD tendencies I stay pretty healthy most of the time, having only been sick once in the past three years. (Knock on wood.) Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Camping Fun


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Summer campaign can be great! Especially when the dads stay home and the moms and kids are in charge! Continue reading

Quick Summer Pudding Dessert

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You know how you crave the summer for the long, lazy days? You picture yourself sitting outside sipping lemonade while the kids play in the yard. We have not had one day yet with that kind of lazy time. I feel like everything this summer is just rushing by so fast and I don’t have time to stop and think, let alone do anything awesome in the food department. My girls commented that I had not made even one fun summer dessert yet. So I ran to the kitchen to see what I had in the cupboard. In 10 minutes I had a little treat ready for after dinner. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: 2015-2016 Party Photos


I was looking through all of the parties we’ve had the past year. So many parties – so little time. I don’t think any of my friends ever see the pictures after the parties are over. So here we go- enjoy! And obviously these are the images that are not only SFW but also safe for kids🙂 Continue reading