Wordless Wednesday: #FamilyForward


*I know this is a Wordless Wednesday post but… this was the first year that I brought one of my kids to Family Forward so a lot of these images are with my daughter experiencing Universal Studios for the first time! Continue reading

Back To School: Birthday Gift Round-Up


Now that the kids have started school you are going to be getting more birthday party invites. Since I am back from the summer blogger conferences, and have a ton of toys stacking up to review, my kids are choosing their back … Continue reading

10 Best Cities for Families


I LOVE to travel. I think it started when I was about five and my family made it’s first big cross country move. Ever since then I have been traveling, moving, and experiencing new places. I don’t think I will … Continue reading

Brownie + Cookie = Brookie


Do you like brownies? Do you like cookies? If you said yes, then you will LOVE this quick and easy Chocolate Chip Brookie. I have been making these for years and my family can never get enough of them. I usually … Continue reading