My name is Kendra Frampton. I work in account management for an online influencer agency. I love my job. I love the fact that it lets me stay home, stay busy and make money.

I also blog here on my own at When’s My Vacation. I started this blog about 10 years ago as a journal for my family. It has morphed over the years several times and currently I blog about family, food, and vacations. I still like to keep it personal since my family is spread out across the country and this way they know what we are up to!

I grew up the middle of five children, but the oldest girl. My father was an officer in the Army so we moved quite a bit while I was growing up. I was fortunate enough to live all over the United States (Utah, Iowa, Virginia (4 times), Maryland, Illinois, New York, Oklahoma and Louisiana) as well as Germany and Belgium. I went to college in New York, and in Virginia before getting married.

I have four children who are growing into amazing people. I have a small 8 lb dog, Mojito, who acts as my eternal baby. We also have a cat, Seven, to round out the family. We recently (Feb 2015) made a big cross-country move. We were an hour outside of Washington DC (where we lived for about a year and a half) and decided to move back to Utah where we had been for 12 years before our short lived trip out east. It was nice living so close to Washington DC. We were within 1-4 hours of many major cities (DC, Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Boston) so we were able to do lots of visiting and travel. It was a fun change but it is nice to be back in Utah. I never could get used to the humidity on the east coast!

In my previous life, I was a Director of Nutritional Services for a charter school district in Draper, Utah. I created a brand new lunch program from the ground up. My job was very important to me. I was creating healthy menus and teaching children what it meant to not only eat healthy, but what it means to live healthy. Showing them that healthy food was  delicious was the trick to my success.

I am completely obsessed with music. I always have music on in the background. I listen to everything from 70’s (I learned about that from my parents), 80’s & 90’s (Hello! I grew up listening to music) 00’s and current music as well. My kids play a game in the car where they pick a random station and see if I know the song. 9 times out of 10 I know the title, author and words to the song. I am as obsessed with dancing as I am with music. I will go to a club, dance at home, and even dance at the store. I will dance anywhere and everywhere. I once danced with a German man dressed in full old style dress during October Fest. I have been known to embarrass my children on occasion, but I sort of figure that is part of my job as a mom.

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  1. We have done the “name this song or artist” game. We used to also open YouTube and start with the letter “A” and pick a song or artist that starts with that. We used this to educate our girls on musical pop culture. 😉 They are grown now, but fun memories of doing that. Especially, when we would think of a song that they didn’t know, and then they liked.

  2. 🙂

  3. Hi Kendra 🙂 Nice sight. I saw your post on the link up party. I followed your other sites as well 🙂 Always nice to meet new blogging friends. Have a great week!! Cindy from

    • Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by! I really enjoy reading the links in the link up too! I will come over and visit your blog as well. Thanks for the follows!

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