Since I live so far away from my family I wanted to do a quick picture round up for them. This will be a picture heavy post so feel free to click off if you don’t want to see many pictures of my kids 🙂

With the huge storm that came through on the east coast on the 4th of July the fireworks were canceled and rescheduled for the following weekend. So once it stopped raining we all headed out and had our own little firework and swim party!



Luckily on the 5th we found another firework display on a neighboring town that we crashed. Before the fireworks the majority of the group spent the day by the pool, including Jason who usually doesn’t like to participate. We took a picnic dinner when we went to the fireworks. We also played card and yard games. It was really nice that the humidity left us for the evening.



Happy 4th of July!

*I actually have about 150 more pictures but I didn’t want to overwhelm all of you!