This is week 7 or 8 participating in the ‘Stream of Consciousness Sunday’ with Fadra from All Things Fadra.

Here’s my 5 minute brain dump…

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: Home Edition


Right now I am living with my parents. Although it is not ideal circumstances we are making it work short term. We are waiting to hear back from a couple of job interviews (for both my husband and my dad) before we decide where we are going to live. To be honest I have been scoping out the available housing options that we have; rent an apartment, buy/rent a house, etc.

I always thought that I knew what the perfect house would be.

  • Pretty house
  • Spacious house (5000 sq feet)
  • Newer house (less than 5 years)
  • Built in a community where everyone keeps their yard and house looking neat and tidy
  • Huge beautiful yard with a fence so the dog can run
  • 6 bedrooms (I have 4 kids so I needed 6 bedrooms)
  • 6 bathrooms (minimum)
  • Big open living space on the main floor; think open concept
  • Large kitchen with a large island, double ovens, double fridge, and a large 6 top gas burner stove top
  • TV room that is separate from the main living space
  • Plus so much more

After living in a couple of houses that met all of these expectations I found that I was still finding things that I did not like about the homes. I have decided that I was being too picky and that I really don’t know what it is that I want. I have decided that:

  • I don’t NEED 5000 sq feet (WAY too big) we never used the space. We had rooms that nobody ever used.
  • I don’t NEED 6 bedrooms (my little ones can share and/or I don’t NEED a designated guest room).
  • I don’t NEED a huge yard with a fence (I can walk my dog) although this one would be nice for the dog.
  • I don’t NEED extra rooms, I found that we don’t use them. We had a huge family room in the last house and I was the only one that went in there, and it was once a week to vacuum.

Even though all of the items on my wish list for the perfect house make sense they are not things that I need. Hopefully as we look for a new home I will remember what is necessary and what is not. At this point I do not know what I want at all. Fingers crossed I figure it out!


This was my 5 minute Stream of Consciousness Sunday post. It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…


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