Family Forward is a family retreat organized by Mom It Forward (the company that I work for) for social media influencers, including mom and dad bloggers and their families, and is focused on helping families connect in the digital age. While Family Forward is comprised of social media influencers, the focus of the retreat is to strengthen the digital family. The hands-on workshops and events are centered on making memories and teaching skills families can apply everyday.

Family Forward

Now in its 3rd year, the Family Forward event in Orlando offers the perfect way to grow stronger as a family, and make meaningful theme-park vacation memories. Family Forward gives families experiences, ideas, and skills to embrace bonding in the digital age through workshops centered on topics like charity, communication, creativity, team building, and trust.


To kick off Family Forward in epic fashion we had an opening party Thursday night hosted by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with a Super Hero theme!

Children Miracle Network Hospitals


Families came in costume or dressed in capes and masks while completing several missions. We heard from Nathan, who has Mitochondrial Disease, (a degenerative disorder that attacks the mitochondria – the source that creates enough energy for the body’s systems to sustain function and support growth) and his mom. They are an amazing family who is so inspiring you can’t help but love them from the start!


The first session on Friday morning was with DohVinci, a returning sponsor. This year each family worked together to create 3-D artwork on paper, wood, plastic, and foam. It is such a fun and creative craft. You choose your color, place it in the styler, add a stamp shape or not, then just squeeze so the dough comes out. And guess what? It dries after awhile, leaving your designs permanent for all to see! I gave some to my girls last year and we spend a whole rainy Saturday having a great time crafting together.


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Next we had a sponsored lunch thanks to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. They served some festive Caribbean food along with some favorite eats for the kids (I am guessing you know which buffet I ate off of). They even served their famous Mac&Cheese. It was so good that we had to meet the chef and have a picture taken! RCCL hosted a twitter contest during lunch just for our attendees and gave away a 7 day cruise to anywhere that RCCL sails! The winner was ECSTATIC to say the least! They also had a special guest show up to pose for pictures!



Last up for the day was Monsanto who hosted a series of hands-on activities to help families explore how DNA shapes all living things, including fruits and veggies grown through traditional plant breeding. The kids took strawberries and got to extract DNA and look at it under microscopes! It was a very fun and educational hour!


*At the beginning of September I attended and worked the Family Forward Orlando Conference. I went as an employee but was able to enjoy all that Family Forward had to offer. All opinions, comments, and suggestions are, as always, my own.