Spring Break 2014 017

With my kids getting older I feel like the holidays are just not the same. I really only had one little one left last year that was excited about The Bunny coming. It is sort of sad and sort of liberating all at the same time.


My older daughter told me in the car this week that I would be crazy if I thought she believed that a giant bunny was hopping down the street breaking into people’s houses at night. I was blown away by her honestly and sassy-ness. I guess she is just like her mom. I got to thinking that this will most likely be the last year that I do separate Easter piles for the kids. As of next year we can have a family basket. Although I do like setting up their little piles at their places at the table for them to find in the morning. I like to give them a few individual things that they like instead of doing a generic basket.

As you can see we don’t do very much candy.

Spring Break 2014 007

I always make a fun treat with my girls the week leading up to Easter. This year we wanted to do fun cupcakes to share with friends so I brought out an old favorite.

Easter Cupcakes

Spring Break 2014 019

My kids LOVE a good cupcake. I try to mix it up so that they get new flavors and frostings but what can I say? We are vanilla people through and through. We did some Red Velvet Cupcakes for Haley’s birthday in October that were delicious but the kids wished they were vanilla. So vanilla it was going to be again for Easter.

I started with my favorite vanilla recipe that I usually use. You can find it here, where we made Cupcakes for Sanity during our snow days.

Before we made the frosting I put some coconut (I used organic, no sweeteners added) into a PAPER bowl. (Paper is important to me because it can be thrown away when I am finished.) I added two or three drops of green food coloring to the coconut at a time and mixed it in until I had the color green that I was looking for. Once I had my grass done I made the frosting.


½ tea pure vanilla

4 tablespoons butter, room temperature

2 cups confectioners’ sugar

2 tablespoons milk


Cream all ingredients together until fluffy. I made a double batch for these cupcakes. One batch I dyed blue (you will see why).

As I frosted the cooled cupcakes I dipped the wet frosting into the coconut to make the grass. I finished by adding three chocolate candy eggs to the top. My kids were thrilled with the finished product and I assume my boys liked them because they were all gone before bedtime.

Spring Break 2014 011

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