I LOVE to travel. I think it started when I was about five and my family made it’s first big cross country move. Ever since then I have been traveling, moving, and experiencing new places. I don’t think I will ever “settle down” and stay in one place for very long. My husband (luckily) is the same way. We both grew up moving and experiencing new places that we are always up for a new adventure and a move or visit to a new city, state, or country.

As I was reading travel articles last week I found one that was talking about the 10 best cities for families in the United States. I found the list interesting as I have lived near or in at least 4 out of the 10. I have also visited at least 3 more of the cities. I won’t tell you which 4 cities that were close to me but I will tell you the top ten cities and how Liveability.com chose them.

Liveability.com crunched the numbers on the factors that are the most important to the youngest residents – children.

  • They first looked for places with high populations of kids but low concentrations of children in poverty
  • Once they found out where the kids were they looked for communities that did a great job of supporting those kids.
  • They used online sources to measure the quality or public schools that had high graduation rates.
  • Found cities with parks, libraries, and activities for kids.
  • Then they factored in the general quality of life like cost of living, commute times, and crime rates.

Here are the best of the best according to the list:

1. Overland Park, KS


 2. Plano, TX


 3. Holland, MI


 4. Carmel, IN


 5. Leesburg, VA


 6. Chandler, AZ


 7. Naperville, IL


 8. Bentonville, AR


 9. Rockville, MD


10. St. George, UT


I am willing to visit them all and let you know what I think!