I love a good kitchen product that can be used over and over in different ways. I learned a long time ago from Alton Brown, the man that taught me to cook (sorry Mom), that every item in the kitchen must have more than one use. I give you One Dish, Three Uses!

One Dish, Three Uses

I will tell you that these are supposed to be banana split boats, and they are perfect for that! They give you a contemporary twist on a classic item without being too trendy. They have great lines and being all white they match anything and everything. I knew that I wanted them for ice cream but that I had other uses for them too.

Banana Split Boat


You can still see how this dish works perfectly for a banana split. Checkout the cutest spoon ever! It is a long handled spoon with a shovel shaped top. I will be using these for everything! My kids had a great time making their own ice cream concoctions with all of the items in my pantry. I stick to the plain old vanilla and hot fudge but I add two cherries (because they are the best part).

Candy Dish

candy dish

I like to have little candy dishes set out not just during the holidays but anytime I have guests visiting. This dish makes the a great holder for candy and nuts. I happened to have a bag of holiday candies that needed a spot and this was perfect. I set it on the table while we were doing a puzzle and the kids loved it (of course). I have also used it for nuts when we had friends over last weekend.

Dinner Plate


I have to give credit to my 12 year old daughter for this idea. I was putting these dishes away and she said that they would be perfect for dinner to hold our hot dogs. Genius! They are the perfect size for a chili dog and a serving of fries.

*I received product for this post but I was not financially compensated. All opinions, as always, are my own.