Last year I participated in a 12 week weight loss challenge at a local gym, Firehouse Fierce. I absolutely fell in love with the gym I found and I was amazed at what a big difference small changes can make in my diet. The trainer, Jason, included a diet plan and maintenance in with the weight loss challenge. It really taught me a lot about having the correct proportions of carbs vs. protein vs. fats (macros). And especially the right types of fats. I discovered along the way some really basic substitutions that made a really big difference in my weight loss results.

Let’s do this!

  1. Grab a drink of water instead of… pretty much any other drink. This was a super big eye opener for me. I had plateaued after about four weeks in the program so I had my trainer take a look at my diet. Everything seemed to be on target except my water consumption. That week I tripled my water consumption and voila. I started losing pounds again. Bye bye plateau.  weight loss drink
  2. Low calorie tortillas instead of regular tortillas makes a big difference. I’ve always thought a tortilla is a good option to get a loan calorie low carb food. They’re so thin, after all. how many calories could they really have. Check the labels though. Those little babies are generally made with lard. They might be thin but they really pack a high-calorie punch.  weight loss options tortillias
  3. Greek yogurt makes a great sour cream substitute. I have tried substituting Greek yogurt in everything from baked potatoes to all kinds of baked goods including muffins and zucchini bread. It turns out great every time and allows me to cut the fat while increasing protein.  weight loss dip options
  4. Ground turkey makes a great substitute for ground beef. You still have to be careful and check the label because fat content is fat content whether it’s turkey or beef. Generally speaking though, turkey is more lean than beef. Experiment with herbs and spices to help season it the way you like.  weight loss food options
  5. Quinoa seems to be everywhere these days and when you check the label it’s no wonder why. It makes a great substitute for rice, pasta, or even mashed potatoes. It packs much more nutrition bite for bite with less carbs and, imo, more flavor.  weight loss

My sister just finished her own 12 week challenge at the same gym. She lost 17 pounds and 9% body fat. She totally rocked the challenge and took first place for the women.  Way to go sis!  

weight loss

Hopefully these tips help you out with your own weight loss goals. What tips have you discovered to keep the pounds coming off?