I love Las Vegas and everything about it.  The shows, the people, the excitement in the air. Everything seems larger than life – even the vending machines are over the top. I noticed one or two unique vending machines on my walks up and down the Las Vegas Strip so I decided to do some research and seek out the most awesome and unique Las Vegas vending machines.

Champagne Vending Machine

Let’s start with my favorite – the Champagne vending machine at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The only one of its kind in the US, it’s located on the 23rd Floor of the Sky Lobby. You can grab a mini bottle of Moet to go (it even comes with a golden champagne flute).  A golden token can be purchased at the front desk for $20.00.  On a side note, I did hear several times that the Mandarin Oriental is an amazing hotel to stay at in Vegas, especially if you don’t need to have a casino in your hotel. It’s on my list to stay at on my next visit. Cheers!

moet champagne vending machines mandarin oriental las vegas

We took this back to the hotel for more pictures before we enjoyed.

moet champagne vending machines mandarin oriental las vegas

Sprinkles Cupcakes Vending Machine

After enjoying your champagne I bet you will be in the mood for something sweet and I have the perfect solution.  The 24 hour cupcake ATM from Sprinkles CupcakesLocated in the LINQ Promenade there is plenty to see and do while walking to Sprinkles.  It’s fully automated and had a great selection.  We went with the black and white.  It was delicious and didn’t last long at all.

sprinkles cupcakes vending machines las vegas

Here is a map if you need help finding it. Just head towards the little “S” symbol.

sprinkles cupcake atm map las vegas

Art-o-mat Vending Machines

You had your drink and your treat, now how about some Art? Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art.  There are eight of these located throughout THE COSMOPOLITAN of Las Vegas. For $5 you can get an original piece of art.  Just put in your money, find what artist or description you want and pull the lever and out comes your piece of work.  We choose the random artist slot from two different machines.

Machine #1 revealed a mini-purse.  Mohan Mukhoty is a recycling artist from Berlin, Germany.  He produces purses out of brick cartons of different sizes.  Very cool.

Machine #2 gave us a beautiful decoupage on wood and gold stamping by Susan E. Roden. Check out her galley at www.susaneroden.com

art-o-matic art vending machines cosmopolitan las vegas

Rollasole Vending Machine

All of this walking has your feet hurting right?  You’ve been at the club dancing the night away? Walking up and down the strip enjoying all the attractions?  Tracking down all of the awesome vending machines?  Tell me there’s nothing better then taking a break from those heels.  Rollasole offers a convenient solution by providing comfortable ballet flats – from a vending machine!  It’s going to set you back $20 (credit cards only) but it is totally worth it.

They come rolled up so they can easily fit into your purse and have a handy carrying bag to throw your heels in. I went with the Medium 7.5 – 8.5.  Fit true to size and felt great.  We found two machines at the Miracle Miles Shops connected to Planet Hollywood. They can also be found at the Venetian and Hard Rock hotels.  There are estimated to be 12 in the Vegas area and some move around to different locations. These are a must have if you’re going out on the town.  Check out the full lineup of shoes on the Rollasole website.

rollasole vending machines las vegas

GOLD To GO – The Gold ATM

Maybe you have some extra cash from your big win last night?  Why not invest in pure gold – and bought right from an ATM.  All gold is certified quality and can be purchased safely, easily and at real-time prices. We had to head down to Fremont Street and visit the iconic Golden Nugget Hotel to find our gold.  Just our luck the ATM was currently out of service yet we managed to snap a few pictures. The other two ATM’s in the US are located in New York and New Jersey.  You can get more details and find locations worldwide at the Gold to go website.  On my next trip to Las Vegas I will definitely be going back to get my gold fix.

gold to go atm golden nugget las vegas

Honorable Mentions

Bitcoin ATMs – The currency of the internet. A bitcoin ATM is an internet machine that allows you to exchange bitcoins and cash. There are now 17 of these in Las Vegas and 3 of them are owned by Mike Tyson.  You can find your nearest Bitcoin ATM here.

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine – Not really a vending machine or ATM but you do get something for your money – Your Fortune!  Yes, this is just like the one in Big staring Tom Hanks released back in 1988.  Wow, has it been that long? It can be found outside the magic shop at the New York New York hotel.

Zoltar fortune machine new york new york las vegas

Vending Machine Graveyard

These were once all the chatter in Las Vegas but couldn’t find success long term.

  • The Lobster Zone – You Catch It You Eat It. For $2 you could have your try at catching a live Maine lobster. If successful it would be rushed off to the kitchen to be cooked for dinner, at no additional charge.  Due to the efforts of PETA and other animal rights groups these can no longer be found in Las Vegas.
  • Cotton Candy vending machine were all the rage back in 2010.  For $2 you could get fresh cotton candy 24 hours a day but not any more. Maybe because it’s too hot for cotton candy in Vegas?

lobster zone cotton candy vending machines las vegas

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these awesome vending machines as much as I did hunting them down. Las Vegas is known for it’s cutting edge entertainment and food so it is often the testing ground for new concepts. With new additions being added all of the time I hope to be able to grow this list. Let me know what your favorite vending machine is in Las Vegas so I can add it to the list.