The best tropical island vacation destinations to visit are in the Pacific – no questions asked.

Their beauty and quiet knows no limit – but so does their price. Vacationing in these beautiful islands will cost you quite a bit. The average middle-class family will have to save for a while to afford to go to some of these places. But their are always exceptions to the rules.

Here are my recommendations for tropical island vacation destinations around the pacific that will give you the perfect vacation for less money that you thought.

Tropical Island Vacation Destinations


A sophisticated island in the reign of the Dutch Crown, Curaçao gives the most demanding of travelers their money’s worth and more. The malls, activities and merchandise available make this island one of the best destinations to enjoy both day and night.


With part Creole culture and part British, the Barbados Island is one of the most popular destinations for our British friends. Their tea customs mixed with their Caribbean music give the British a sense of foreign comfort and any traveler the exotic experience of a culture mix.

St. Lucia

An island for the nature wanderers, St. Lucia offers its tourist a part of the island where you can shop and dine for hours. Enjoy fine jazz music festivals but also offers rain forests that remain almost virtually untouched. This island is the perfect site for jungle adventurers. It is the perfect destination for those willing to do anything and everything on just one trip.


Speaking of Europe’s Caribbean Islands, Martinique belongs to France making its customs very European. Its sandy beaches propose a quiet and relaxing vacation while its tours to the now dormant volcano will leave you fascinated by its exoticism.


Curaçao’s twin island is also under the Dutch Crown blessed with good weather no matter the season. Weather you visit in Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall you are in for amazing sunshine and warmth. Being a very popular destination makes the island very developed and its beaches a beautiful yet crowded vacation site.