This Week:

Ever since I was a little girl I would run home from school to check the mail. I love getting mail. Letters, cards, magazines and packages. (Yes, I still get magazines instead of reading them online, partly because I like to get mail.) Every single day this past week I received a package in the mail! Most of them were work packages but still, I LOVE getting mail.

May 2014 088

Haley had volleyball games. They play five no matter what. They won 2 of the 5. Her team had better players, but they other team had stronger servers and spikers. It was a very even match.

May 2014 006

My dad came to visit this weekend. I have seen him a couple of times since we moved because I have gone to Salt Lake City to visit but the rest of the family haven’t seen him since August of last year. Everyone was very excited for him to visit, even Mojito. As soon as my dad walked in the door Mojito freaked out crying and sitting on him and loving on him. It was so sweet.  Dad was able to go with us to see Haley play. We had lunch, and went for freshly made, hand dipped ice cream cones.



They also played Frisbee and baseball while I took photos. The kids had a blast. Luckily it was a gorgeous day. The kids love seeing their Grandpa. They really miss family activities since we have moved. It was so nice to have him here even though it was just for the day.

May 2014 012

May 2014 035

This week also happened to be my birthday! I turned 29 (of course). Although if you ask my girls they will tell you that I am at least in my mid 40’s and an old hag. I remember being their age and thinking my mom was “so old” too so I don’t take it personally. Here is my birthday selfie. Happy Birthday to me!


For my birthday I had a great surprise when my best guy friend from high school and college called and said he would be in town for one day to go to a wedding and wanted to have breakfast. He is actually the person that introduced me to my husband so he holds a very special place for me in my heart. He is in the military so he lives overseas so this was a huge surprise. We haven’t seen each other in too many years to count but it was like we were never apart. We caught up and he told me all about his family, and vice versa.

After breakfast my husband and son took me to the movies to see Godzilla. None of the other kids wanted to see it so it was just the three of us. Following the movie we stopped in at BURGERFI for lunch. One of the best burgers that I have ever had for sure. You choose toppings and we all added an egg, delicious! And the fries are amazing too. Check them out if you have never been. Finally since we were in town we hit up Wegmans to do a little grocery shopping. This is my favorite grocery store ever. I was able to relax for the rest of the day while Lewis did yard work. That night Lewis indulged me and sat with me while I watched a few episodes of Scandal Season 3 that just got to Netflix. I am addicted to the drama!

Purchase Of The Week:

May 2014 089

I found this burlap roll for under $4! I know! It was a clearance item so I grabbed it. I don’t have a set project planned but I am thinking something summer-y or Independence Day-ish. It might not look like much but it is 45 feet long! That is a lot of burlap!

Have a good week!