My daughter, Haley, is a kind, funny, sweet girl. She sings in a choir at a local University. She plays the flute in her school band. She likes owls. She is going to be a pirate in her school play next month. She loves art; drawing, coloring, pens, markers, pencils, crayon. She plays volleyball, and is getting pretty good at it. Haley has many interests and loves. Least of which is the fact that she is obsessed with everything cupcake. For her birthday this year she got cupcake supplies. For Halloween she dressed up as a DC Cupcakes baker.


One of the first things she asked when we told her that we were moving to the DC area was:

Can we go to Georgetown Cupcakes?

My girls got into watching the cooking, baking, cake and cupcake shows during the summer with me a few years ago. The channels that we could all agree on were HGTV, TLC, Food Network, and Travel Channel. The girls felt like they were watching “grown-up” shows and I was happy not listening to a cartoon character sing for 25 minutes about building things, getting the mail, or exploring the troll bridge. By far their favorite shows were the cupcake shows. So by the time we moved here they had a list of places that they just HAD to try.


Cupakeries In The DC Area


Here are our favorite three, with three reasons we like them, in no particular order.

Georgetown Cupcake


In 2008, Katherine and Sophie traded in their careers to follow their passion for baking. They opened Georgetown Cupcake in Washington, DC.

3301 M Street (corner of 33rd & M), Washington DC  

Follow on Twitter: @GTownCupcake

  • Vegan and gluten-free options available
  • Option to order the night before and pick them up so you don’ t have to stand in the long line
  • Moist and fluffy

Baked and Wired


The best thing about this place, they aren’t just cupcakes. They have cupcakes and they are tasty but they have this deliciousness that they like to call Hippie Crack. It is a mixture of toasted oats, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, cherries, apricots, and coconut that is sweetened with a tad of honey. It is a must try!

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington DC  

Follow on Twitter: @bakedandwiredDC

  • Dirty Chai Tea Latte cupcakes? Do I have to say more? (Friday-Sunday only!)
  • With everything from brownies to muffins to pies, everyone can find something that they like.
  • They were voted one of the ten top bakeries across the US.



The nice thing about Sprinkles is that they are all over the country. We have actually tried this brand a couple of times before when we were in Vegas, NV and La Jolla, Ca.

3015 M Street NW, Washington DC

Follow on Twitter: @sprinkles

  • The line is shorter than some of the other popular places and the employees are so nice and friendly
  • The cupcakes are piled high with frosting (which my girls love) but the cake is moist and delicious
  • Good sized cupcakes that look amazing

For my girls that are always looking for a sweet treat when we are walking around in DC, these cupcake shops are the best thing since sliced bread. So when you are in DC looking for a snack look up your closest cupcakerie.

Let them eat (cup)cake!

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